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A Brief Intro to Credit Card Processing

By Kate Aston

We are all aware of the concept of business, and the primary focus here should be on the profit. When there is not enough profit, there is no success, and when there is no success, there is anything that will please our common desire to fulfill ourselves. All of us seek that perfection in life and for some of us, which is easily achievable through successful business. One of the ways for you to significantly increase the level of your income is to start accepting credit card payments which are made by your customers. Not only to enable them to pay using their credit cards, but also allow them to do that via the internet. Almost everything is done using the Internet and the more you provide for your customers, the better it will be for your business. Here are some credit card processors that will help you improve this area of payments.

This is one of those credit card processors that will take you no matter what type of business you are and how small or big you are. The approval rate of this credit card processing service is 99%, and this means you will certainly be able to use their services. On their website, there is a quick and easy registration form with the information about the rates for each and every business they are currently providing services to.

Industry types they accept:

  • Nutra/Herbals
  • Pharmacy
  • Dating
  • Forex
  • E-cigarettes
  • Debt Collection
  • Debt Repair

Here are also some of the rates for various industry types:

  • Adult – 6%
  • E-Commerce – 4%
  • Gambling – 4.5%
  • Travel MOTO – 6.5%
  • IT Support – 10%
  • File Sharing Systems – 10%
  • Replica clothes – 8%

The best thing about this credit card processor is that it uses payment gateway. This means it’s capable of performing and processing payments in real time. Another great thing is that you need not worry about the security of your transaction because supports the Fraud Detection Suite as well as Automated Recurring Billing.


This is one of credit card processors that have won many awards for being superb at what they do. IF you’re in need of a good processor, then they’re the ones you should trust. Got merchant has their POS system which is quite remarkable, and because there has not been a single negative word about their business since 2003, that means they are the ones you should work with. You will need to research and find a high-risk credit card processing service if you’re considered to be a high-risk merchant because this is just one of the companies that wouldn’t work with you if you are high-risk.

The real thing which everyone wants and that is of the most importance is to be able to process payments in real-time and set up a “buy” button and enable your customers to purchase anything with just one click. This is the main idea of using the Internet for improving your business. Also, there is a virtual terminal where you can manage all of the transactions and payment by yourself 24/7. Monthly service fee of is about $10, and that’s pretty much nothing considering that everything else is free such as re-programming fee, Monthly maintenance fee, and application fee and so on.

Shark Processing

Now, we are all aware of the fact that you need to set up a credit card processor, but when you’re doing business online, you can easily get conned. If your company is considered to be a high-risk one, as we mentioned earlier, you will have to seek help from credit card processor that are focused on working with high-risk merchants. Other processors won’t cooperate with you, simply because of the risks, but to keep up the pace, you will have to pay a bit higher rates if you want to set up a high-risk processing solution. Shark processing is one of those high-risk processors, and you can be sure that they are perfect at what they do. Security is of the essence here.

National Bankcard

This is a credit card processing solution you need if you want to advance further in your pursuit of success. They offer a solution to everything, be that mobile processing, POS processing, terminal processing or online processing, all in all, you will be satisfied with what they have to offer. Security is impeccable, and the fact that there is no setup fee as well as no cancellation fee is something that always gives a positive note when you’re looking for a reliable credit card processing solution. Their website is more than informative, and everything you need to know about their services is right there.

Merchant Pro Express

When you read “No annual fees” written on their website, you know what to do. Setting up an account has never been easier, and the superior customer service leaves you only with a question, “Where do I sign up?” The best thing about this processing solution is that they offer amazingly low rates, and this is something great especially for small businesses.

These are some of the examples that could solve your problem with accepting credit cards, and taking your business to the next level. Also, you will have to be careful if you’re a high-risk merchant because not a lot of bank would be willing to work with you either, and that’s also one of the problems where Shark processing can help you.

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