Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many uses, especially for online marketers and social media managers. If you have a social media strategy already in place, or you’re still building yours – have you taken into consideration AI tools that can help?

One of the most significant drawbacks when running campaigns is slogging through the mundane, repetitive tasks, as well as examining the vast amount of performance data from different sources.

If you have a horde of interns and data scientists at your disposal, it’s not such an issue. But if you’re managing campaigns with a low headcount, or even by yourself, then you may want to check out these AI tools, which will make your life much easier.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an online social media management platform for brands (both big and small). It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to centralize their entire social media operations. Their platform allows you to publish, analyze, and engage users across each of your social media profiles and platforms from one single hub.

By helping you understand and reach your audience, you can engage with them to build and grow stronger relationships on social media.

An excellent all-in-one tool if you need help with your social media campaigns, especially if you have more than one profile on each of the popular social media networks.

Tailor Brands

If you need a helping hand with your branding, Tailor Brands developed a smart AI tool that can give you a helping hand. They originally began as an AI logo designer company. You tell their AI your design requirements and based on your needs, present you with hundreds of unique designs.

They then took it one step further and enabled you to create your entire online branding kit, which includes your logo design, online website, on-brand designs, branding book, and social media ready logo files at the push of a button.

Social Bakers

If part of your social media strategy is to find and use influencers, then you may want to consider using tools such as SocialBakers. Their AI algorithms help you to find influencers that are relevant to your industry, as well as rate their potential and analyze results if you decide to work with them.

By integrating your data with SocialBakers, they’re able to eliminate the need to manually search for effective influencers and produce instant results.

By providing relevant data such as engagement rates and audience types, you’re able to make better business decisions when choosing who to work with, as well as avoiding the common scams and fraudulent services provided by influencers who pay for fake engagement.


If you’re having trouble nailing down when is the best time to post on your social media accounts, then Cortex can lend a hand. Depending on your target audience, posting at specific times and days can yield drastically different results.

Cortex’s AI generates an in-depth report using competitor analysis and your historical metrics to provide recommendations not only when is the best time to post, but also how often.

If you’ve never paid attention to the color of your post’s images, then Cortex will also advise you on the best shade to maximize your engagement.


If you’re struggling to develop quality copy for your online ads, you can either hire a copywriter or turn to Phrasee. Their AI technology searches for relevant ads across Facebook and Instagram, as well as from your past marketing activities such as email funnels, social media posts, and others to create highly-optimized ad copy.

To improve your ad copy and ensure it resonates with your audience, Phrasee will score your drafts and provide feedback and suggestions to help you improve it before posting.


AI may seem like a complicated topic to tackle and understand, but it’s pretty simple. You can split AI tools into two separate camps. The first is automation, whereby the AI completes all of your tasks for you. This is useful if you need to post on more than one account as it disregards the needs to login to multiple platforms and upload the images and content yourself.

The second type of AI is machine learning, where the AI program can receive new data and information to produce recommendations and give valuable insights. The more data it collects, the better the output.

These are just some of the most popular AI tools you can currently use. Before you decide to use any of them, first identify the weakness(or even weaknesses) of your social media strategy, and then decide if using an AI tool will benefit you.

The benefit can be either increasing your overall ROI or reducing the required time needed to spend on a task. And if necessitated, adjust your strategy to get the most out of using automation and machine learning AI.

Michael Green is a freelance writer that deals mainly with branding related topics, such as web design, social media and small businesses.

AI tools stock photo by Andy Chipus/Shutterstock