By Karen Axelton

We blogged recently about Daily Candy’s Start Small, Dream Big contest (and I hope some of you entered)!

The winners have been chosen, and the three companies sound great:

Nella Pasta: When the founders of this startup were both laid off they decided to pursue their passion for creating farmers-market-fresh gourmet pasta. Mmmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Dolly Pearl: This designer’s girly dresses are getting so many orders, the one-woman shop can barely handle fulfilling them. Hopefully the $10,000 in prize money each winner receives will help her out with that.

Thursdays: Inspired by their own Thursday-night gatherings with friends, this team’s website and forthcoming book have plenty of party planning ideas and recipes to help women friends plan get-togethers. Now that’s a service that’s sorely needed.

Read more about each winner on the Daily Candy website.