By Isabella Rossellini

Small businesses have several challenges, and one of them is limited funds. There are funding sources in the market from banks and other financial establishments, but they need business owners to be financially sound and have a good credit score. Banks often reject loan applications from small business units as they consider such business units to be a huge risk.

Some business experts state that banks nowadays give loans to businesses that do not even need loans. That is to some extent true. It is why other sources of alternative funding have emerged in the market. They are private money lenders that focus on helping small business units with funding.

These lenders even help startups with a concept or an idea.  They provide such startups with the funds they need to buy equipment and infrastructure. They have simple processes when it comes to loan applications in the market. They often allow small business owners to apply online. The application process is fast, simple and effective. The approval process gets completed within a few days to hours. Funding in the form of alternate money lenders is significant in the market today.

Funding to create a substantial presence

Businesses across the world need to be nurtured with funds to grow and build a significant presence. When it comes to business funds, you might need them for many reasons. They may range from buying inventory for your business to opening a new unit in a physical location. The nature of the loan you receive will depend upon your credit score and business health. You need to present financial statements, tax proof, and other documents to establish the financial standing of your company and yourself as a business owner. If you are a small business owner and seeking a business loan for any reason, ensure you have everything in order before you apply for the loan.

Submit all your documents on time

Do not make any delays when it comes to submitting the documents the lender needs. Every small business owner that needs short-term loans needs to keep in mind the credit profile. It plays a vital role in helping a small business to secure loans for their growth or expansion. If you want to improve on your credit score ensure to pay your bills on time. If you can make payments on time, you can improve your credit score. Keep track of all your pending bills. Make a list and pay them as early as possible.

The need for you to pay attention to your business credit scores before applying for a business loan

Most business owners generally do not pay attention to their business credit scores. They believe that it will not impact their loan applications. But, it is not true. Business owners should take the appropriate steps to review their credit scores regularly. If their credit scores are low, they should take steps to improve them. If you review your credit score regularly, you can adequately secure the finance you need for your unit in the future. Experts in this field say there are some cases where the credit score do not reflect the real condition of the business and if you as a business owner rectify errors in your credit score, you improve your chance of getting business loans in time.

Create a solid business plan for your business and submit it with your application

If you want your business loan application to be approved, apply with a firm business plan in place. Your business plan will reflect your goals of the business, its purpose and the ways you plan to attain them. The business plan will also display the means via which a business operates and the amount of funds needed for the company to function. Your business plan will give the lender an answer to the following questions-

  • The amount of loan you need and for what
  • How soon do you need the loan and for how long?
  • The present financial standing of your business and how your company will repay the amount borrowed?
  • Does your business need unsecured or secured loans?

Industry experts in the field of business loans emphasize you should choose the right loan that is appropriate for your business. A good business plan will help you to attain the above. If you do not have a solid business plan in place, the screening process for your loan will take a long time. Moreover, the chances of rejection of your small loan application will be high as well.

If you are not clear with your loan objectives, you will face rejection soon. If your credit scores are poor, first fix them if you wish to get a bank loan. Alternate money lenders give you quick loans however they generally charge you a fee for this. You must make sure this fee is affordable for you. When you are looking for business funding, research the market thoroughly. If you are a startup business search for alternate money lenders over banks to get your business loans approved faster.

Choose the right lender for your business

Market research the lenders available for your business. When you are looking for a business loan for your business, do not approach the first lender in the market. You should conduct a thorough analysis of the options available to you. A good business loan will give you many options for repayments, helps you to underwrite your business uniquely, offer you a customized lending solution ideal for your business needs and more. In case, you have a low or bad credit score, check the repayment schemes open to you.

Therefore, if you are a small business owner and wish to apply for a business loan, keep the above steps in mind. They will help lenders approve your loan quickly. Keep in mind the amount of loan and its tenure in mind. Make sure that you have a solid business plan so that lenders will be quick to approve your loan.

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