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By Nathan John

Passwords are one of the most essential elements of your online presence. Passwords seem to exist everywhere you go. No matter which site you visit, or a service that you want to subscribe to, you need a login ID/Username and a Password. The password is there to secure your profile. People sometimes use simple passwords. Sometimes, they use passwords using a combination of special characters and alphanumeric characters.

At times, it does happen with many people and businesses.  For instance, people who hire virtual assistants. These Virtual assistants or VAs take care of their administrative and other mundane tasks. These guys outsource such tasks to individuals or a group of individuals.  Hence, it is mandatory for such businesses to have their client’s credentials stored in their browsers. After that, all they need to do is go on a particular website, log in using a single click on that website and perform the necessary tasks and get things done. In this regard, Password Managers become quite helpful and this is one major application of such plug-ins or applications. Other than that, Password Managers are quite useful for people who have issues remembering their IDs or Passwords. You can use any of the following Password Managers to make things easy for yourself and keep your credentials organized and safe.

DashLane 3

Details: Dashlane 3 is one of the most secure password managers that syncs across your PC, Mac, iOS. If you want to use this for a single device, there are no charges for using the application. Above all, it has many cool features like secured password sharing, emergency password recovery, keeps a track of online shopping. Also, the security dashboard rates all passwords and makes changes to your password. If you are using iOS 8 you can also use Touch ID authentication.



Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

Details: The Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault: is one of the key features offered by this password management tool is that it is supported by all popular browsers and platforms. It keeps you secure using a Two-factor authentication method. You can secure your files and password sharing. Also, you can maintain the full history of your passwords and files. If you want to get a task done on your behalf, this application can get your password saved for the website. When you or your agent wants to log in on your behalf, they can save this for once. The application will fill out forms and passwords of certain applications when you log in again.

Ratings: 4.5


LastPass Premium

Details: There is more than one way to authenticate a user. Also, there is an addition to the space of around 1 GB where you can store your files online. You get to enjoy premium level customer support and there are not going to be any ads. The only drawback is that it offers features that you can get for free too. The prices have taken an immense increase as well. I would recommend that you should stick with the free version

Ratings: 4


LogMeOnce Password Management Suite

Details: The good thing about LogMeOnce Password Management Suite is that you can sync it across various operating systems. This includes Windows, Linux, iOS and other operating systems. There are many other features that are part of the application. One of these is having a new and streamlined user interface. Some of the features are paid and might cost you a certain amount of money.

Ratings: 4


Password Managers are one hell lot of a convenience for users who have issues remembering their passwords. These are a great help when it comes to sharing passwords and files with other users and members of the organization.

Nathan John works as a content editor at Cox Internet and he has seven years of experience. He writes about technology and business.

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