When you look for the best electrical engineering colleges in Illinois, you will find four quality schools, including the University of Illinois in the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign, Northwestern University at Evanston, the University of Chicago and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and North Central College in Naperville.

The University of Illinois at Urbana and Champaign

UIUC, founded in 1867, is the flagship school of the University of Illinois system. Students who pursue electrical engineering careers also have the opportunity to earn postgraduate degrees in EE.

It is ranked high among universities in the United States. It is also classified as a top research university for doctoral candidates and all students seeking post-graduate diplomas. Financial records for the year 2017 revealed the school had expenditures totaling $642 million for research in various fields of study.

Eighty-five percent of people who enroll in UIUC go on to graduate. The university’s College of Engineering, Department of Psychology, and School of Information Sciences are among the top-rated in the country.

Students have access to one of the nation’s largest collegiate libraries. Its collections are second only to Harvard’s library. It is a member of the Big Ten Conference, and its athletic teams are perennial contenders for conference championships. Most people agree the school is an outstanding place for a student’s college experience. They like the large size of the campus and the many housing options.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a private institution in Evanston, Illinois. It offers electrical engineering degrees for students enrolled in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Northwestern was established in 1851 by nine men whose goal was to build a university that would serve the former Northwest Territory. The university is active in the Big Ten Conference and is the only private university in the conference.

Northwestern is well known for its research activities and has always been ranked high among the elite universities in the U.S.

Northwestern is valued at $11.1 billion and presently has the eighth biggest university endowment in the United States. Its research projects are numerous and bring in close to $800 million in sponsored research every year.

The school has produced ten living billionaires and two Supreme Court Justices. The School of Communication has produced numerous award-winning actors, actresses, directors, playwrights, and writers.

Northwestern is spread over 240-acres, and the main campus is located on the banks of Lake Michigan. Ninety-three percent of those who enroll at Northwestern go on to earn diplomas.

The University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a notable research center and an important partner in the technological, educational and cultural makeup of one of the country’s largest and bustling cities.

Electrical engineering is one of the many disciplines offered at UIC. Architecture, business, liberal arts, social work, art, design, and education are all part of the school’s diverse curriculum.

UIC is the largest university in the Chicago area and has 33,000 students[9] enrolled in 16 colleges. Sixty percent of the students who begin their studies at UIC go on to graduate.

UIC’s design program is ranked as one of “The World’s 25 Best Design Schools” by Business Insider.

The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System is based at UIC. The College of Medicine, the country’s largest medical school, also is on the campus.

This university is known for its educational thrust in nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, and applied health sciences. The UIC John Marshall Law School is here.

Fifty-seven languages are represented among the student body. More than a third of undergraduates are multilingual.

Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University is in Carbondale, Illinois. It is a public school founded in 1869 and is the oldest campus of the Southern Illinois University system. Its electrical engineering program is a prized part of the school academics.

Southern offers more than 300 academic programs, including degrees in architecture, business, law, and medicine. Students can earn bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., and doctoral degrees.

The university attracts students from all 50 states and from 100 countries. It also is highly involved in research activity. The university was awarded more than $178 million in research grants in the year 2017-2018.

There are currently more than 220,000 graduates of Southern Illinois University Carbondale worldwide. Notable SIU alumni include:

  • James Belushi, actor/comedian.
  • Steve Finley, major league baseball player.
  • Dennis Franz, actor, best known for his work on NYPD Blue[72][73]
  • Walt Frazier, Basketball Hall of Famer, one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.
  • Darryl Jones, The Rolling Stones bassist.
  • Donald McHenry, United States ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Brett James McMullen, retired United States Air Force General.
  • Richard Roundtree, actor.
  • Jenny McCarthy, American actress, model, and television host.

North Central College in Naperville

North Central College offers engineering degree programs in computer, electrical, and mechanical disciplines. It also offers a dual-degree option, also known as a 3-2 engineering degree. This program allows students to spend three years earning a B.S. in chemistry or engineering physics at North Central, and two additional years at a partner university for a degree in an engineering specialty.

North Central has been around since the 1860s. It was initially founded in Plainville, although it now resides in Naperville. It’s so close to downtown Chicago that it is easy for students to hold internships and find jobs in the big city.

The college’s mascot is the cardinal.

Photo courtesy: North Central College