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By Jitendra Jain

The demand for mobile applications is constantly on the rise. With smartphone users spending 85% of their time on smartphone in-apps, enterprises around the world are adopting mobile platforms to extend their reach to consumers and to advance their business.

Having a mobile app is extremely critical at a time when marketing strategies have taken a completely different shape. Also, consumers love the convenience of being able to get things done quickly on the go. But to create a custom mobile app, which can help your business reach new zeniths, you need to seek help from a dedicated app development firm, one that has the in-depth knowledge and experience you need.

Hiring a dedicated app developer agency makes app development much easier for you as well as provides the professional touch to the entire development. This further helps in producing an effective app, which is the major aim of enterprise owners.

However, finding an experienced and proficient app developer is a mammoth task. Fortunately, there are platforms available to help you out. Following are some of the major app platforms. With their help, hiring a mobile app developers becomes a cakewalk:

Clutch is one of the leading platforms where you get the best mobile app solution providers. It carries a belief of fueling simplicity with innovation to offer comprehensive results to a wide range of business verticals. The app development firms listed on Clutch is backed with several years of experience in the domain; therefore, it is ensured that your app development gets the right treatment, which helps in the exceptional growth of your business. Clutch’s list of mobile app developers is based on client reviews, quality standards and ability to deliver. is extremely customer-friendly when it comes to resolve their customers’ issues.

clutch helps you to provide the best destination for your app development. The development firms mentioned here provide a dynamic touch, which improves your app’s presence in the crowded arena of apps. claims to work personally on each request to find the right fit for their clients. They guarantee their close involvement throughout the development. This platform is highly client focused and responsive to their requirements. Their depth of approach consists in the fact that they work like partners with their clients rather than just service providers. takes the responsibility of firms listed on their portfolio.

All your endeavors of searching the right development team ends at Here, you can scroll through a number of app development providers that serve your app well with exceptional features, technologies and experience. Teamhunt offers you a list of hand-selected teams that help you meet your criteria. They are flexible enough in providing desired hourly price, geography and language. Start working with any of the development firm listed on is excessively convenient and by following a few steps you are all set to kick of your app development. Needless to mention that such outstanding services available here are at absolutely no cost.


Looking for the unique mobile app development platform, dispels all your worries that you have regarding app development. All the companies listed on Appfutura have expertise in developing high-performing mobile applications. The use of cutting-edge technology and distinct approach by the developers while building your app offers a fine edge to the entire project.  At, you get a wide variety of app development firm with an assurance to deliver quality and it enables you to leverage its affordable expertise of offshore app development teams.

appfutura is the best of its kind aimed at the platform that focus specifically to the mobile app development. This platform carries a wide range of community of more than 10,000 developers. ensures innovative, high-quality web applications with the help of developers they recommend for your bespoke app development. All the firms listed here come with a skillful and proficient team of app developers. This team strives hard to achieve the desired results no matter how hard it is for them to cross the barricades.

goodfirms is synonymous with a platform where all your app development queries get the perfect solutions. They help you create economic and social value on a global scale by offering a reliable online space to get connected collaborate and succeed.  Their vision is to serve businesses with great talent so that businesses get what exactly their demand is for. The app development sides recommended by them are claimed as one of the top vendors they have worked with in the past a few years and delivering exceptional work is in their DNA.


This is a premium platform where your extensive app development needs are fulfilled with a touch of excellence. Your app development requirements are supported well with the long held experience the development teams mentioned here carry.  In addition, the in-depth knowledge of the industry norms these firm have is the major highlight that you get nowhere else. ensures their full and active involvement throughout the app development. Toptal claims that they are extremely satisfied with the work style and app development process the teams featured on their portal carry. They all have done a great job in producing great looking and functioning apps. They all come with a long experience of handling multiple development projects.



Ziptask is another big name where excellent app development along with reliability is offered. They have accumulated some teams of the world’s most talented and independent professionals who are known for their expertise in creating bespoke mobile apps. Along with serving excellence in providing app development firms, they nurture relationships by offering their valued customers app development under the umbrella of great comfort. Ziptask features a number of development units that have just been excellent in delivering organized and professional results.


Finding out a perfect app development provider becomes easy when you have the aforementioned list with you. This list guides you through a dark tunnel to a brightest expressway driving across that you find your desired destination and your business touches new heights.

Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire android or iPhone app developer for your own app development project. Connect with him on Linkedin