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Most countries in the world require companies to invest in sexual harassment training in the workplace, both for supervisors and other employees.

Regardless of whether it’s a legal requirement for your company, you should still look at online sexual harassment courses. It’s a good way to keep your employees educated on proper workplace behavior.

Proper training could save you a world of trouble down the line.

With this in mind, let’s see why sexual harassment training is necessary for your company, then check out some of the best online training courses for you and your employees.

Importance of in the Workplace

Even though over 21% of employees experience sexual harassment in the workplace, only a fraction of them reports the incidents because they don’t believe that it will help.

So, even if your employees haven’t reported sexual harassment, it’s still your duty to educate them on proper behavior and to ensure that everyone within your company feels safe and protected.

Of course, it’s not important just to educate your employees – it’s also crucial that you take action to protect your staff if and when a sexual harassment incident occurs.

By having a strict sexual harassment policy and ensuring that everyone’s following it, you’ll create a safe and pleasant environment for all your employees, which can actually result in better productivity.

Not to mention that enforcing a sexual harassment policy could keep your company safe from lawsuits in case of an incident.

So, to keep your employees educated, a standard sexual harassment course can be used to define your company’s policy clearly. It will also show what constitutes a violation of this policy, and the steps employees should take if they witness harassment.

It should also be made clear how the company will react to sexual harassment in the workplace.

It’s clear that due attention should be given to sexual harassment courses. They need to be thorough, educational, and engaging.

You’ll need to find (or create) a course with all these features, and some of the best courses on the topic are as follows.

ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training

ProProfs is a Learning Management System (LMS) that’s exceptionally popular among educational institutions offering online classes and companies looking to boost their employee training efforts.

It’s packed with features that can make your sexual harassment training more insightful and more engaging – ensuring that your employees retain the newly-gained knowledge long after the training’s over.

If you want, you can go the more difficult route and develop your own course from scratch, but you can also browse through ProProfs’ library and choose a premade course that suits your needs.

Such LMS allows for asynchronous learning, enabling your employees to attend the course whenever they have free time, without upsetting their schedules.

You’ll get insightful reports and analytics telling you which employees have completed their course, which ones are in the middle of it, and which ones are yet to get started with it.

You’ll see everyone’s progress and performance, and you can even create tests and quizzes to assess their knowledge.

Overall, ProProfs offers you extensive features that take your sexual harassment training to the next level.


By joining Udemy with a business account, you and your employees can have access to thousands of unique courses covering a variety of different topics.

You cannot customize your courses unless you join the platform as an instructor, but seeing that there are several courses, you might not even want to develop your own.

Most classes are video-based and divided into specific lectures, which allows your employees to learn at their own pace.

It’s more of a casual approach to learning, but depending on your company culture, Udemy could suit you well.


Traliant does a brilliant job of dividing sexual harassment training into smaller chunks of information that are easy to understand and memorize.

The platform offers courses for specific states, such as New York or California, and different courses are offered to employees and managers.

Although the lessons are video-based, they’re interactive, engaging, and inviting, ensuring the viewer stays attentive and focused.


If you’re to teach your employees on proper conduct in the workplace, there’s no better source to turn to than OSHA.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers countless online courses covering everything from sexual harassment training to driver safety courses.

The courses are clear and to the point, and always make a good choice for businesses of all types.

Universal Class

Universal Class is a popular platform for online learning that offers hundreds of unique lessons on various topics.

Each lesson comes together with specific assignments, tests, and even discussion boards, and each learner can gain insight into their performance and progress.

Universal Class is affordable and user-friendly and can be a good choice for companies, both big and small.

Their sexual harassment courses are thorough, thought-provoking, and designed well to keep your employees engaged and interested.


Skillsoft is a trusted LMS with millions of users around the world. The lessons offered are extensive and educational and suit the needs of most companies.

The courses on sexual harassment cover everything from preventing incidents in the workplace to teaching bystanders how to intervene and managers how to react.

Skillsoft supports seven languages, so it can be a good choice for companies with non-English speakers.

Ready to Deploy Sexual Harassment Course?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing to be taken lightly. Companies need to ensure that their employees are aware of what constitutes sexual harassment, its consequences, and how they should respond to it.

Create a safe working environment for all your employees and managers. Invest in some of the best training courses that are educational and engaging.

Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & eLearning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs Training Maker.

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