By JP George

Sure, to have your own business is thrilling. But there are some points to apply to one’s startup capabilities. If these options are not applied or, at a minimum, considered, a business will fail miserably.

You’ve found that you have what it takes to freelance or act as an interim business consultant, and now you’re thinking about something bigger than yourself, a fabled startup. Then comes the doubts.

First of all, sometimes jumping in with both feet can be warranted. Just be aware of some very valid points to start a business need to be noted. Since startup costs can vary the acquisition of inventory, employees’ pay and employee appreciation ideas etc. requires maintaining present job and investigating possible business loans which needs to be a patient endeavor. Knowledge of the industry and checking the competition is warranted time invested as well. Also visualization of how the business will fit into a community needs attention too.

But first it has to be determined whether one is even capable in starting a business. Industry experience along with acquaintance with companies help. Plan the business. Speak with business owners who have succeeded with their business. They know the ins and outs of running a business. They can inform as to startup costs, revenue expectations, accomplishment in running a business, and other expectations and expenditures. Since it takes time to accrue revenue and business longevity these combine to make a startup business a risky endeavor and the entrepreneur has to be willing to take that chance. Is starting a business appropriate at this time or even any time?

Evaluating oneself as to one’s capabilities in running a business with it’s inherent handling of employees is needed. Get criticism from people as to one’s capabilities in these areas. The criticism may at times be smart but it’s necessary to see the whole picture.

The formative years also involve handling one’s family in terms of affording time, care, and finances. An entrepreneur is a challenging and emotionally draining role and also has to balance in family dynamics. While you’re thinking about outsourcing your IT work, you’re expecting a new arrival any day. It’s draining, and that doesn’t get enough attention.

The financial return is primarily what a lot of new business owners foresee. But enthusiasm and creativity puts the new business owner ahead of the game. Find a need or product that will meet the public, lends sustainability to the new business owner.

Assessing these factors and establishing a criterion met by these factors, an entrepreneur is now ready to launch ahead.

Initially the need to decide what product or service the new business owner wishes to initiate is necessary. They have to utilize their experience and envision and create goods or services that will attract a consumer. Researching the market by checking competitors and prospective consumers have to be evaluated. When this process is completed an outline listing products and/or services need to be employed. Once prospective business owners have gathered enough knowledge about their designated goal they are ready to market their product or service.

Design a business plan with some help from professional strategists. This should outline the company’s objectives, the product or service offered, startup charges and the appropriate consumer market. The Small Business Administration can possibly offer technical as well as practical counsel to the business plan according to the company’s desires and a free conference call may be in order.

Funding is a final and crucial step. Access various business associates, private loans, and friends and family members. The search for funding can be a tedious process. The entrepreneur has to have perseverance and patience to track down needed funds.

When the entrepreneur has determined that he is capable of starting and funding his business endeavor this can be an enjoyable, though somewhat laborious, procedure. The ability to collaborate with various services such as government agencies becomes an aid in the decision making process.

@JPGeorge3 grew up in a small town in Washington. After receiving a Master’s degree in public relations, JP has worked in a variety of positions, from agencies to corporations all across the globe. Experience has made JP an expert in topics relating to leadership, talent management, and organizational business.