A brand’s logo has the power to attract potential buyers and drive purchasing decisions. It has the ability to increase your brand’s recognition without even saying a word. And that’s where the role of color pitches in.

Whether you are looking for the right colors for your brand, the color theme of your logo, website, your product launch, or your marketing campaign, the impact of color is imminent.

The power of color is inevitable when it comes to branding your business. Color is the first thing that designers consider when creating a professional logo design, packaging design, brochure design, menu, stationery or web design. The perception is taken from the target audience’s interests and how the brand wants it to be identified.

To learn more about the psychology of color in your business marketing and branding, FullStop has created a high-end infographic that can help you send the right message about your business.

Feature stock photo by jkjainu/Shutterstock