By Maria Valdez Haubrich

Got a great idea and just need the motivation and tools to make it happen? Consider this contest your ticket to really getting your business off the ground., an e-commerce solution to starting your own online store, has announced their second annual Build-A-Business contest that takes place May 1, 2011 –  December 31, 2011. Contestants must register on Shopify, get their online business up and running (with Shopify’s help) and then be selling for at least two months.

Winners are selected based on the highest two months of gross sales, whether or not they are consecutive, and the prizes are amazing! The grand prize consists of $100,000, plus a trip to New York City to meet and eat with marketing guru Seth Godin. Other prizes include $20,000 to each industry category winner.

Industry categories are:

  • Apparel & Jewelry
  • Food & Health
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Art & Photography
  • Home & Office
  • Other

As an incentive to sign up, Shopify is also giving away some awesome freebies, such as business books and Google Adword credits.

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