With the growth of omnichannel retailing and mobile device usage, the e-commerce industry continues to boom. In the first three months of 2021 alone, e-commerce worldwide sales reached $876 billion, an increase of 38% from Q1 of 2020. In addition, by the end of 2022, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $1 trillion.

That’s why all retailers need the advantage of having a well-organized, attractive website with an easy to remember domain name. To build a strong brand identity, you must start with a strong name. Here’s how.

Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Business

If you already have a business but not a website, you want to choose a domain name close to your business’s name. If you’re starting an e-commerce website only or starting the website simultaneously with a brick-and-mortar, it’s a good idea to research business names available in your state before you look for an available domain.

Unsure what a domain name is? It’s the URL that you type into the address bar in your web browser. The domain extension is what comes to the right of the dot, such as .com or .org.

The key is to choose a domain that best represents your brand and is easy to remember. Get creative and make it unique to ensure memorability, such as using location (e.g., Southern, Beach) or the industry (foods, furniture). But all the good names are taken, you say? That’s where the domain extension you choose can help in originality and give your business a competitive edge.

Why .STORE is a Smart Choice

A domain name should tell a consumer a lot about the company it represents, and the domain extension is a significant factor in that representation. Domain names with .edu are educational, .org are organizations (usually nonprofits), and a .STORE domain extension lets the consumer know they will be entering an e-commerce experience to  make purchases. For e-commerce startups, online stores, home-businesses, retail brands, and drop-ship businesses, the .STORE domain extension is relevant and gives your domain name an extra edge over your competitors. So, whether you’re just starting or expanding, a .STORE domain name can be a big plus for your business.

5 Ways a .STORE Domain Name Can Add Value

  1. Availability. Unlike .com extensions, you don’t have to sacrifice the domain name you want because it’s already taken. Because .STORE is a relatively new domain extension you can likely get your first-choice domain name with .STORE.
  2. Memorability. A .STORE domain can help make your business memorable because it implies there’s a location where you can make purchases and immediately associates your business with online shopping.
  3. Builds Your Brand. A specific domain name with a .STORE extension helps you build a meaningful brand by helping your customers visualize your business. For example, www.leathergoods.store succinctly and instantly communicates your business is an online store selling leather goods.
  4. Builds Your Professional Reputation. Along with your .STORE domain name and extension, you can also create a professional email address. An email address with your specific domain name adds credibility and an aura of professionalism to your business.
  5. Adds Marketing Value. Use a .STORE domain name to create specific domain redirects. Use it across your website for targeted searches such as leathergoods.store/leather-bags, and then share those links in all your marketing materials, from flyers to banner ads and social media posts.

To find out more about getting a .STORE extension, go to Get.Store and start your e-commerce business today!

E-commerce website stock photo by Flamingo Images/Shutterstock