Using signage to advertise may be an age-old technique, but it still works wonders for today’s companies. As 60% of businesses report that making a change to the design or visibility of their signage significantly improves their sales, signs still play an important role in promoting businesses and attracting new customers. Business owners that are struggling to find signage that works for them should consider making improvements to the following design details.

Durable Materials

Today’s most effective signs are made with durable and affordable material. Store owners use the likes of aluminum, vinyl, Dibond, and dura-wood to make long-lasting advertisements for their companies. In addition to using sturdy materials like these, business owners must also take care to waterproof their signs. While some already have built-in water repellant, other materials like wooden signs need some additional weatherproofing to improve their longevity.

Custom Style

Custom-designed signs are another effective way businesses can promote their brands. Through the process of custom sheet metal fabrication, business owners can design durable, weatherproofed signs to hang inside or outside their store. Unique and incredibly durable, these customized signs are an excellent way to advertise to new visitors and remind returning customers of exciting deals.

Color Combinations

The most successful signs are designed with color combinations that attract attention from several feet away. Business owners searching for the best color combinations should consider a palette that fits in with their branded colors, yet easily stands out to anyone that may see the sign. Experts suggest that the most effective signage uses an ample amount of contrast to make text easy to read against the color of the background. For example, businesses with red signs should consider making the text white, yellow, or black to make the most impactful statement.

Sign Location

The single goal of using signs to advertise is to attract customers. This is why it’s essential for business owners to find the proper location for their signs. The best location for outdoor business signs is near the entrance as these signs serve to lure traffic through the door. Additionally, signs must be prominent enough that they are easy to see from the street, parking lot, or sidewalk as they are designed to bring passersby in.

Signs are an important component of any business’ marketing strategy. Follow these four tips when making improvements to any signage for your business.

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