By Sofia Coppol

A business’ continued existence in its market wholly depends on how actively it’s able to respond to its customers. The quicker it acts upon the queries of customers with the best suitable solutions, the bigger it has a customer base to serve and, the higher it has the customer-retention rate.

But a business cannot turn itself swiftly accessible without the use of technology, like mobility. And to provide customer care through mobility requires a dedicated mobile app development.  This post talks about how an app can help businesses provide better customer care and keep swelling in terms of size and the number of customers being served. Let’s begin.

Resolving customer queries in real time

Regardless of a business’ sort or size, customers experience issues and, there is nothing wrong in this. It’s natural. But a true business is one that knows how to quickly respond a query raised by a customer. When customers create query tickets, they keep a business or company on the check that how quickly it will respond them.

A company or business succeeds to do this doubtlessly enjoys a loyal customer base, return orders and various references. Some company has even implemented real-time customer care systems that do not keep customers on hold and get solutions to their queries immediately. Here customers end-up waiting for a long time and, they also end-up complaining about a company’s services for the rest world to read, react and share, which can portray a bigger, bad image of the company.

A mobile app is the best platform to provide real-time customer care services. Customers can easily register with their products/services’ tracking numbers. They can get them connected to the customer care to have real-time solutions for their problems.

Tracking of leads and information related to customers

A business needs continuous leads to stay in the market. But often, the time tracking of leads is handled in an amateur manner. Also, there is little responsiveness if the business is not able to entertain customers on time. When you lose the track of customers or delays happen in responding fresh leads, you lose the most of the chances to get them matured. According to a report of Harvard Business Review, a business trying to contact its potential customers within an hour of receiving queries has nearly 7 times higher chances to get into the meaning full conversation with the key decision makers. Unfortunately, only 37% of all businesses are able to respond queries within an hour.

With an app, business executives have the quickest way to get connected with customers.  Unlike traditional PCs which cannot be kept on all the time, mobiles are connected 24×7 and provide information just in the next second of its origination.  With apps, business executives can take care of leads even when they are not in the office.

Apart from this, an app provides the easiest ways to manage follow-ups, search contacts, set reminders, edit existing contacts, and add new ones. Business executives can also create notes of what they communicated with a customer and also share the same with others. They can get alerts of upcoming calls with the full detail of what they discussed in the last calls.

All of these features can be added to a CRM application that helps business executives and developers to have batter tracking of leads.

Better utilization of social media for customer care

A lot of people using smartphones continuously visit social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook not only for entertainment but also for news and various other sort of information. For them, Facebook and Twitter are the key mediums of getting connected and staying in touch with everything matter to them. No doubt, customers also visit these platforms to share their frustration for a company or brand.

Many companies are now coming up with the idea of integrating dedicated, 24/7 customer service center into their business’ Facebook page which can also be accessed on a mobile.

The CRM provider company, Salesforce, has actually thought of such a solution and provided it through the application that helps businesses keep all their customer service channels in one place and bring in efficiency and productivity in customer care operations.

Increasing repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals

Businesses can also thicken their revenue streams through repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. What if a mobile app-based customer engagement solution is created to achieve this purpose? The solution, in order to take real-time actions and rapidly solve issues, can direct what’s said about your business or brand on social media platforms to your front-line staff. Employees can be designated to receive the inputs and use real-time metrics to replicate good practices and advance business operations.

So, this is how a dedicated mobile app development can help a business take better care of customers. The above mentioned are few examples limited only to case specific requirements of applying mobile technology to customer-care. But why mobile apps and, why not only desktop level applications.

Smartphone apps as the platform to take care of customers

First of all, mobiles are everywhere and making a difference in the life of us all. Apps can be created for almost everything requires computing, internet connectivity, information exchange, and sharing. Mobile platforms are the best platform with the power closely to large-size-PCs. They have the fastest internet connectivity and huge storage along with great processors that can now handle heavy enterprise and business computing operations. And interestingly, everything can be packaged in a device that easily fits in our palm and pockets. Mobiles provide the true mobility of using technology. The concept of on-the-computing cannot be realized anywhere else better than mobiles.

Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, is an offshore software development company which provides Software for Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups, and enterprises.

Mobile app stock photo by Billion Photos/Shutterstock