Are you looking for better online privacy on your tablet or mobile device? If yes, you must have looked into various VPN available for android device. VPN is a virtual private network.While the purpose of internet is to share chunks of date safely, it is highly insecure. VPN acts like a private tunnel over the open internet. There are numerous service providers offering this service to android users. It is therefore prudent to be careful when choosing your service provider. VPNs route your web traffic through their servers and could expose your personal information.

Uses of VPN

  • Securing data when using public WiFi- intruders are only to see encrypted statistics.
  • Bypassing ge-blocking or restriction-This service allows you to access websites and applications anonymously. An example, Netflix allows streaming from specific locations. While connecting to such services, use a virtual network that will indicate that your IP address is from a location they permit.
  • Bypassing specific location restriction -information can be accessed remotely from any location.
  • Safe torrenting
  • Securing communications
  • Online gaming
  • Best prices for online shopping-clients are able to buy cheap tickets exclusive to a particular location. Airline operators have different prices for different countries. Buy online products from states that have low cost of living by connecting through a VPN in their country

There two types of VPN

  • LAN-This is a local area network used within one physical location.
  • Consumer VPN-This connects to web applications like media sites and ensures that communication is protected. It protects information from your location to the other person’s location.

How Does It Work

VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server operated by a VPN service. Your identity and location is masked through use of an IP address. An individual can connect to server of a different country and hide their location. VPNs are able to grant access to blocked websites. Government have blocked certain websites from access by all members of its population. This sites can however be accessed by a different country which has different policies in regard to that website.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

  • Money back guarantee

This protects you from getting stuck with a product that you do not want. Purchase VPNs from service providers that guarantee your money back within a certain period if you are not satisfied with the product. Some service providers offer a VPN trial subscription allowing you to test the product for a few days at no cost.

  • What do you need the VPN for

VPN have different functionalities while others perform better than others on similar functions. When buying a router for family use, you consider one that allows multiple simultaneous connections. To stream movies, you need a router that has unlimited bandwidth, high speed and reliable connections.

While traveling, the router should have excellent security due to exposure to public WiFi connections. Have clear requirements of what you can work with before a VPN router.

  • Evaluate the qualities of each

VPN companies prioritize different characteristics for their products. It could be anonymity, encryption or speed. Pick on the VPN that matches your needs. When watching content that is geographically blocked, a VPN that has a reputation to unlock content would be best. For a journalist or someone who values a privacy, a VPN that has a secure encryption and that doesn’t retail logs would be appropriate. Check the security protocol and ensure the VPN has a kill switch feature.

  • Check which devices are compatible

Not all VPNs support all platforms. It is essential to check if the VPN is compatible to your android device. Ensure that multiple users can connect where need be. Some VPNs allow unlimited users while others only allow a maximum of three.

  • Find a VPN with a friendly user interface

The user interface and set up of various VPNs is complex. They are difficult to use for individuals who are not tech-savvy. Choose a VPN that offers simple procedures and user-friendly platforms. VPNs that offer a virtual set up are also available in the market.

  • Important locations are covered

If you are planning to travel, choose a VPN that has servers available in that particular location. Some regions are known to have limited internet service and its essential to have a VPN that can handle those restrictions and censorship.

  • Decide what payment plan you prefer

Prices differ based on subscription length and features. Some VPNs companies offer anonymous payment channels such use of bitcoin or use of gift cards to avoid using of personal information. Please avoid using of free VPNs. Though you do not pay for it, You may experience bad quality streaming, unreliable protection or numerous ads.

  • Look for a VPN with reliable customer care

One of the most important factors when purchasing VPN is that the service provider should have a 24 hours customer support. Choose a service provider that offers a live chat as response to emails or calls could take a long time.

  • Company research

Do extensive research on the company you wish to purchase the VPN from. The company should be well known and trustworthy. Details regarding their products should be readily available on their website.

  • Provider capacity

It is essential to read the terms and conditions of the service provider in order to confirm the allowable bandwidth to prevent being cut off for excessive internet usage.

Tech stock photo by Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock