By Matt Payne

Keep in mind these eight steps to build the perfect ecommerce landing page:

  1. Grab attention! In the time it takes to read a headline you could have already lost a potential sale, so it’s crucial that you waste no time in grabbing attention. While making sure that your headline is relevant to the rest of your advertisement, your number one goal should be to make sure your visitor continues reading.
  2. Keep them on the landing page. You don’t want visitors to leave your landing page before they’ve read about your fantastic offer or the great savings available, so get rid of distracting, unnecessary links that will direct them elsewhere.
  3. Then make your case. Your advertisement should aim to concisely sum up your offer and convince your reader to take the next step. Remember, your landing page should serve a specific purpose, so don’t talk about what makes your company great generally, but why this particular offer is so incredible.
  4. Make them feel safe. If you’re going to ask someone to part with their personal information or eventually give you their credit details you need to let them know your website has taken the necessary security measures to keep those details safe. Make sure any security seal is prominently visible.
  5. Then make them feel safer. Testimonials and media mentions are another way to build trust with your reader. It’s easier to imagine yourself having a positive experience with a company if other people have already had that positive experience.
  6. Provide a strong, clear call to action. Study after study has shown that the language used in your call to action can have a massive difference in conversion rates, so don’t be timid. Confidently tell them to Register Now or Save Today and they’ll be more likely to.
  7. Be polite (and sociable). If your customer fills out a form remember to give them a genuine thank you. Provide social share buttons and maybe they’ll even repay the thanks by letting their friends and followers know about your offer.
  8. Don’t pat yourself on the back. Ok, I admit it, the title of this post was a bit misleading – because there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ landing page. But by constantly testing different versions of your landing page to find out what helps drive conversions you can come up with something very close. So don’t congratulate yourself on a job well done just yet – think about what could make your landing page even more effective, and then find out if it does.

These tips were provided by Matt Payne of Oomph, the plastic card printing company. Visit them at to help your business stand out today.