Consumers embrace home and comfort as the center of well-being.

COVID-19 shifted the health priorities of many American adults, according to a report from Mintel. The research shows nearly half of adults have higher personal safety standards because of the coronavirus and 30% are more aware of their mental health needs. As a result, this year, consumers set new health-related goals, including, notes Mintel, the goal of living a long and healthful life.

To help them achieve these goals, consumers are embracing new wellness trends for 2021. Here are three of them, from Andrea Wroble, a health and wellness analyst at Mintel.

At-home rituals

Wroble says consumers tackle their health goals “by finding comfort in routines.” And since so many of us have been home for the past year, Mintel Trend, ‘Health Undefined,’ says the home is becoming the center of well-being. Wroble says in the future, “consumers will expect products to seamlessly integrate into their homes, offering safety, comfort, and security.” She suggests, “Tools that strategically organize or de-clutter health priorities can help adults feel more connected and in control of their health journey,” will be popular.

Self-prioritization is a priority

Mintel’s upcoming Health Management Trends Report reports half of adults achieved greater control over their health because they had more time to focus on their personal needs. And Wroble says this “newfound desire for self-prioritization will not fade” as our lives slowly return to normal. Businesses that help consumers find simple ways to prioritize their health needs in their daily lives will be in demand.

Personalized health tools will fast-track consumer health goals

Consumers, says Wroble, are “willing to seek outside support to achieve their health goals,” but still “take pride in self-motivation…and want to maintain a sense of independence and convenience when managing their health.”

Wroble says businesses “must find opportunities to help consumers feel supported, engaged and in charge.

Mental health stock photo by fizkes/Shutterstock