By Laura Harrison

Website Design

A well designed website is essential in today’s very competitive online environment. It’s simple, if a website is poorly designed, consumers will immediately leave the site and visit a rival’s site. A well designed website will create customer satisfaction and in turn, a positive online user experience.

The landing page is the beginning of the consumer journey; therefore it is vital that a good first impression is made. It should represent the desired brand image and immediately attract the consumer to explore further. However, website design isn’t just about looking good, the site needs to be easy for users to navigate around. If a website is difficult for a user to explore, it is immediately going to create a negative experience for the user making it is very likely that they will get frustrated and leave the site.  An e-retailer with a large catalogue of products should have a search engine to support users in finding their way through their product range to make the navigation process easier.

Furthermore, the multichannel environment has meant that having a presence on as many different platforms is vital. For example, the continued growth in the number of people viewing websites on mobile devices means that companies need to have an effective mobile strategy. Big Fork a company that offers web design in Norwich also have expertise in mobile websites and responsive website design and can help businesses decide the best strategy, whether it involves adapting the design of an existing website or producing a separate optimised website.


Personalisation has become a very important part of a user’s online experience as consumers prefer channel’s offering tailored information that corresponds to what they desire. For example, personalisation is particularly important for an ecommerce website. If a user is recommended other products based on what they have already looked at or searched for, it can create a similar concept to a sales advisor in a physical store and therefore create higher levels of customer satisfaction, which will in turn generate more sales.


The copy on a website should successfully convey a voice and a brand personality that is relatable to the businesses target market. Therefore it is vital that online businesses have a clear understanding about their target market as they will only respond positively to online stimuli if they correlate with their goal intentions.

The copy should be clear and immediately inform the consumer of the types of services and products that a business offers. If a business provides users with too much copy, or with information that is too technical for them to understand, it is very likely that they will be encouraged to leave the site, creating a negative online experience.

 Laura Harrison is a freelance writer and she enjoys writing about a broad range of topics, in particular business and technology. Follow her at @Laura_JHarrison.