By Deepa Ramaraj

The success of a business can ebb and flow. If your business is experiencing a low point in the wave, or if you wish to create even more in your business, there are some simple steps you can choose to create greater possibilities.

The following tools and steps can help to open up and extend even greater opportunities within your business:

Get clear on the basic information

It might sound obvious, but many people are not totally clear on the finances of their business. Take an honest look and make a note of what the current annual revenue and expenses are. Get the details of monthly revenue and monthly expenses of the business for the past 1-2 years as well. It is important to know where things are so that you can build from there.

What do the numbers say?

The exercise of looking at your accounts and expenses is for you to be aware of where the business is currently. Let go of any judgments or negative thoughts that arise. Instead, try to place your focus on coming up with the best financial plan for your business.

Keep in mind that in many industries there is an increase in revenues or expenses in certain months of the year. If your business has such patterns of fluctuations, be clear that additional planning may be necessary during these times. Allow the numbers to give you cues on the actions you need to take.

Sometimes during business expansion, expenses may go up as more money is invested into the company. This is another area to take note while leaving judgment out of it.

The power of asking the right questions

Asking questions is an exceptional tool that you can use in creating greater possibilities with your business. When you ask true questions, the energy of a situation can change.

For example, regardless of how well something is or isn’t going, practice asking, “How does it get better than this?” By asking questions of this nature, you invite any situation to improve.

Try not to visualize the outcome while asking questions. The basis of this tool is to allow change to occur. When we visualize, we actually restrict what can come up. Without visualizing, something even greater than we imagined could manifest.

When in despair we often ask “Why is this happening to me?” When we ask any question with “why,” we are actually asking for the same types of issues to turn up for us so that we understand them better! Instead of why ask, “What else is possible?” This allows something different to come in.

Specific questions to create better business

Depending on the details of your particular business, you can ask specific questions such as, “What would it take for the revenue of this business to out-create upcoming expenses with ease?”

Or, if you have specific targets of increasing your income for example, you could ask, “What would it take for revenue to double with ease?” Tailor the questions for your situation, but don’t go into conclusion about an answer. Again, the idea is to let more possibilities show up.

“Ask and receive” is a mantra of the universe. Use it for your business and see what happens!

Go beyond any judgment

Judgment stops the flow of possibilities. If you have judgment regarding a situation, ask several times a day, “What is right about this I am not getting?” After a few days of asking this, you should start to feel more positive about the situation and new ideas may come up that could benefit the business.

If it’s judgments of you or your decisions (or lack of decisions) that are getting you stuck, try asking, “What is right about me I am not getting?” It will allow more positivity about yourself and the situation around you.

The benefit of intuition

Sometimes we are so focused on something that we miss what could intuitively lead us to creating a larger business. Follow your intuition. If anything is too uphill, acknowledge there are alternate ways to create that could be more fun and more ease.

What else is possible that you have not yet considered?

Put fun into the business!

Often we get too serious and forget to have fun with our business. It can become “busy-ness” with not much ease on a daily basis. What can you add to your life that can create fun in your business?

When we conduct business with ease and joy, money flows in with greater ease and joy!

The trauma, drama, and drudgery of the business begins to dissolve. What would it take for your business to be more expansive and joyful than you have ever considered before? Ask and see what shows up.

As your business grows and changes, stay on top of how it impacts your financials and continue to ask questions for creating greater possibilities. How much fun can you have creating the most successful year of business yet?!

Deepa Ramaraj is a computer science engineer and Life Transformation Coach for individuals, CEOs and executives, guiding them in areas that require growth, such as leadership, profitability, personal finances, relationships and overall well-being. She is a facilitator for several specialty programs by Access Consciousness®, including Being You. With an unconventional and effective method, Deepa facilitates effective workshops for corporations to boost sales, dissolve challenges, and transform the way business is done using tools to remove barriers and advance success. Follow Deepa.

Possibilities stock photo by Artur Szczybylo/Shutterstock