customer support software

If you want to keep your customers happy and your employees efficient, you need customer support software. Learn five reasons why you should use this software.

In 2017 about 87% of businesses used CRM software. If your business isn’t using customer support software, then you’re quickly falling behind.

This one type of software can boost sales by improving customer satisfaction. It can also improve your bottom line by improving productivity and streamlining processes.

Here are five reasons why you should consider getting a customer support software for your business.

1. Increased Value

When you can provide better service to your customers, they see this as an increased value. Customers have more confidence in their purchases when you can provide them with the support necessary to make an informed purchase.

Your customer support software should offer answers to frequently asked questions. This could be through a comprehensive FAQ section, help forums, or instructional videos.

2. Better Communication

Nothing is more frustrating for consumers than reaching out to a customer service department, only to not be able to communicate with anyone. You can alleviate a large portion of this frustration when you have a user-friendly software platform. You can have the answers readily available to commonly asked questions.

For those problems that require a customer service representative, your support software can provide an easy platform for your team to communicate through. It also creates a centralized place for employees of different departments to communicate through.

This eliminates the need for the customer to constantly repeat themselves as their call gets transferred from one department to the next.

3. Improved Productivity

When you make it easier for a customer to find the answers themselves, you free up the time of your customer support team. This leaves them free to pursue other responsibilities.

The result is a more productive team. There will be a lower volume of phone calls and emails that require immediate attention.

Your team will also spend less time creating support tickets. The system can generate these for you. Employees spend less time is spent on repetitive busywork.

4. Better Service Tracking

How do you currently keep track of a customer’s service history? Having a customer’s contact and support history readily available can make it easier to assist the customer with their current issue.

This is especially helpful if the customer has an ongoing issue. They can access their previous support tickets and self-help forums.

5. Lower Operational Costs

Having the right customer support software can lower your operating costs. You’ll need to make a comparison, such as Zendesk vs Freshdesk, to determine which software can save you the most.

The most significant savings your business will experience is the reduced number of employees you need to effectively address customer needs. This results in a reduction in hiring, training, salary, and personnel costs.

Add Customer Support Software to Your Business

When you add customer support software to your business operations, you can save your company overhead costs while also improving the customer experience. This one software platform can provide you and your customers with a single reference source.

Use your software to track support history, provide self-help solutions, and improve the overall production and communication of your customer support team.

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