To be a good business owner and leader you should know how to make your employees feel valued and work towards making the workplace a positive environment. Your employees spend a big chunk of their time at work, and sharing your appreciation for the work they do will not only make them feel happier, but it will also improve the overall productivity and morale in the office. This doesn’t only apply to the employees who work within the official office of your company but also for those who work from coworking spaces.

Let’s explore some unique ideas on how you can show your appreciation for your employees.

Say Thank You More Often

A little thanks goes a long way! According to a study, 75% of employees agreed that a simple “thank you” from their managers could help improve their motivation. Being grateful and expressing it to others not only feels good, but it also helps build trust and closer bonds with the people you work with.

Begin Every Meeting by Showing Appreciation

Meetings are an excellent opportunity to share your appreciation for your employees. Starting the day by reflecting on the team’s success and acknowledging everyone’s contribution to achieving the goals set will help promote a positive loop in the workplace.

Showcase Your Employees’ Achievements in Your Wall of Fame

Publicly honoring your employee’s achievements is one of the best ways to show them your appreciation. Showcasing their pictures and contributions on a wall dedicated to employees is an excellent way to brighten up the workspace while simultaneously acknowledging and further encouraging hard work.

Take Them Out of Office

Try organizing a group outing. Coming together as a team will help improve your communication, and show your employees the lengths you go to convey your appreciation for them. Take everyone out to lunch or dinner. After all, good food has always had the power to bring people closer together.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is to be mindful of any allergies or eating restrictions some could have.

Give Them Personalized Gifts

In general, gifts are a great way to show appreciation, personalizing them takes it to the next level. Get a mug for that one worker who is always by the coffee machine, or a new plant for the one whose desk never lacks them. The science behind giving a good gift is to have in mind the employee’s personality, as well as what they might need.

Celebrate Their Birthdays

Few things can say “I appreciate you” like celebrating the day that person has been born. Besides, birthday parties are always fun. They offer everyone in the office a nice brief break from their daily tasks. So get a cake, confetti, and balloons—the complete birthday package—and celebrate with your employees.

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Show your employees they matter by celebrating Employee Appreciation Day. This official holiday falls on the first Friday of March and presents you with the opportunity to organize a party or send postcards to each person helping your organization grow.

Grant Them That Bonus Money

Since bonuses are a variable cost, it should be practical for you to manage them. These grants are a creative way to reward and acknowledge an individual or team’s success. Bonuses could also be considered as one of the benefits employees receive yearly.

Plan Fun Team Retreats

Team retreats are another great opportunity for you to celebrate and show how proud and grateful you are of your employees’ victory after a certain project or the end of a successful fiscal year. These retreats help team members bond and relieve the stress from their work lives.

Show How Grateful You’re of Them in Social Media

Social media is a big part of our generation. Therefore, you can publicly recognize and support your employee’s accomplishments and the hard work they put in. This is an easy way for your appreciation to be highly visible to anyone in or out of the company.

Give Them Workplace Flexibility

You can show your employees that you appreciate them through letting them know that you trust them. By giving them workplace flexibility you are trusting them to do their job on their own terms. This flexibility will help them maintain a healthy work-life balance, and be happier overall.

Let Them Share Their Voices and Opinions Freely

By allowing employees to share their opinions, you give them a sense of belonging. Something as simple as listening, respectfully and attentively, will make your workers feel listened to and respected.

Ease Their Commuting Journey

For some who live further from the office, commuting is harder than for others. Show your employees that you care about them by arranging subsidized bus fares, allowing them to work from home on certain days, or simply being understanding of them being late at times.

Your employees are the ones that will stick beside you throughout this business journey, and there are many ways you can share your appreciation for them. Everything  starts with a simple thank you!

Amelia Johenson is a freelance writer with expertise of over six years. Currently, she is working for Jamatu. Amelia loves sharing her knowledge, skills, and personal experience in digital marketing so that others, too, can craft content that makes people take action. She enjoys traveling, going on hikes, and checking adventures off of her bucket list. You can reach Amelia through her website: