By Stan Tan

Decals. Most people have never heard of the term “decals” before. The more common term is stickers but that is used more on the B2C side. Decals is more of a B2B term.

To the general public, a decal is just a decal. All it has to do is stick to where I want it to stick. To a signage and printing company, it isn’t that straight forward and there are multiple different types of decals. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, some will not stick well to road, some might tear off the paint off your wall, etc.

Types of Decals

Here are just some types of decals:

  • Removable decals – Short-term use. 1 to 2 years.
  • Permanent decals – Long-term use. 3 to 5 years.
  • Easy Dot – Can be repositionable without requiring a specialist installer.
  • Texwalk – Used on indoor floors such as carpets, tiles and floorboards.
  • Clear Focus – Use on windows.
  • Phototex – Used on indoor walls.


Use Cases


The floor is the most underutilised signage space in an event. The floor is generally left unbranded because most event planners don’t know they can stick something on the floor.

Floor decals can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as roads, floorboards and tiles.

Consult with your local signage supplier on the most suitable material to use if you decided to stick something on your floor. Also, don’t forget to check if it is non-slip.

Wall and Window

Most people use decals on their home walls. This is commonly referred to as wallpapers. Interior designers have been picking up on this trend and have been using it when designing their offices, retail stores and museums.

Branding walls and windows in events have been growing in popularity especially for indoor events.

One thing to check before placing an order for a wall and window decal is whether it will peel off the surface without leaving a mark or tear off the paint of your wall.


This has been a growing trend lately where businesses are branding their cars. This is where vehicle decals or vehicle wraps come in. This gives businesses and events additional exposure and can be a new and effective marketing channel used in conjunction with Google and Facebook.

The most common event that use vehicle decals is Formula 1 where they brand their cars with their sponsors’ logos.

Source: Financial Tribune


Decal is a signage that most people have never heard of yet it is one of the most versatile signage out there.

You can brand every inch of your event with decals. You can brand the whole floor of your conference. You can cover up all the walls in the trade show. You can brand your colleagues’ cars. Everything.

Stan Tan is the digital marketing manager at Selby’s, a printing and signage company specialising in events, retail and trade shows. They were the company behind providing signage for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.