YouTube is ranked as the 2nd most used site in the world. That means the video streaming platform which we all use is the second-best right behind Google. I mean Google has to be the top because the internet is ruled by it.

More than 70% of adults living in the world get their daily dose of video content from YouTube. With all these, it should be pretty easy getting views on YouTube right? There is more to it than meets the eye. Below we will discuss some of the tactics you can use to increase your YouTube views.

Get the Basics Right

It is important to get the basics right if we want to do something properly. Just like anything if you want to run then you need to learn how to walk.

Make sure to set up your channel properly. You need to have a proper cover on your channel and a proper display picture. So, the people who will go over your channel know it is real and can feel connected.

Add Value

By adding value I mean you need to create contents that are valuable to people. Think of YouTube as an eCommerce market where you are selling your content and the currency is people’s time.

Just like before buying a product, you will justify if you should get it or not, when watching videos it is also the same. People are spending their time on YouTube so if you do not give them something valuable then you are not going to get the views. Plus, if your content is not up to par there will not be any recurring views too.

This is why you need to make sure to make videos that provide value. Now, valuable content does not mean it has to be educational. It could be funny or entertaining but the viewer after watching your content shouldn’t be disappointed.

Focus on your niche

Before we focus, we need to find your niche. Ask yourself what type of contents you want to make and what you do not? For the content, you want to make, be sure you are good at it.

Once you find your niche zero in on it. Find your target audience and tailor your content for them. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your channel’s subscribers and views.

For example, Your niche is crafting wooden furniture. You will be creating content for people who enjoy or are looking to buy furniture. So, focus on tailoring your content in such a way, your target viewers enjoy it and keep coming back for more.

See what works from your previous videos


It is important to look at the videos of your channels and see how they are doing. You made a video talking about a specific topic and that is doing well by garnering a lot of interactions and views.

What does it tell you? Your audience likes your perspective on topics and so you should try to make more of these videos.

Focus on SEO

SEO not only matters for Google. But it is significantly important for YouTube also. Second, most searches take place on YouTube so there is a lot of competition.

You are making a video, try to cover a topic that is not readily available on YouTube. Another thing is TAGS. YouTube tags are a very useful method to help find your videos better.

For example, you are making a gaming video and you tag the specific game in your description. It is going to increase the chances of people finding your video. Also, if you have twitch followers, they may as well be following you on Youtube. Because people who are searching for that game may stumble on your video because of the tag you used.

If you liked our discussion on how to get more views on YouTube then we are planning to come up with another article stating how to increase your twitch followers. Share your love and support by sharing this article and commenting below. Hope we helped you learn how to increase your views and have a wonderful day.

Dave Burrell is a business advisor for several companies in Arkansas and Asia now. He helped many of them create branches in China, Japan, and the Philippines, and have been quite exposed to business-making in those markets. He has experience working in a range of industries and providing technical support in topics such as business growth, market expansion, and product development. Burrell is passionate about family, languages, traveling, and reading.  

YouTube stock photo by PixieMe/Shutterstock