By Rieva Lesonsky

No matter what type of business you have and no matter what your workplace is like, getting organized is the key to success. Staples has all the products you need to get yourself, your workplace and your team organized so you can start the New Year off right and hit the ground running. They’ve created a Less List for Business with great, low prices on 28 essentials businesses need every day (and start the New Year right). Here are 8 steps to take to get organized for 2016.

1) Organize your time. Everyone has a different way of working and managing their time. For many, paper-based calendaring systems still reign supreme. Purchasing a calendar and/or planner for your desktop, briefcase or wall help you keep track of everything that’s on your plate.

Less List Solution: Staples Monthly Desk Pad

2) Organize your thoughts. Personally, I can’t live without a notebook close at hand for jotting down ideas and inspiration. Most entrepreneurs are bubbling over with ideas, and we need a place to capture them. Whether it’s a whiteboard for your office, an easel for the team meeting or a notebook for your bag, Staples has a way to put it in writing.

3) Organize your space. A cluttered office makes it hard to focus on your work. Set up a workspace that will energize you and your employees. Use cubicles, bookcases and paneling to separate your office into quiet areas for focused work, and group meeting spaces for brainstorming.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4) Organize your records. Recordkeeping is a headache for many small business owners, but with the right systems in place, it doesn’t have to be. The proper storage, whether it’s file cabinets, bookcases or movable file carts, will keep your important documents out of sight, but still close at hand. Start 2016 by sorting your records, discarding any you don’t need, and organizing the rest into file folders. Get as detail-oriented as you want with label makers, binders, color-coded folders and tabs and more.

Less List Solution: Bankers Box Storage Boxes, Post-It Flags and Tags Combo Pack, Staples Manila File Folders, Staples Hanging File Folders

5) Organize your mailroom. Does your small business do a lot of mailing or shipping? A well-organized mailroom makes everything more efficient, which saves you time and money. Make sure you have the supplies you need for the coming year, such as boxes, envelopes, packing tape and bubble wrap, readily at hand and clearly organized so packages can be put together quickly.

Less List Solution: Staples Clasp 9”x12” Envelopes, Staples EasyClose Security Envelopes

6) Organize your print marketing materials. From business cards to return address labels, there are still plenty of print marketing materials that every small business needs. Do you have enough on hand for 2016? Go over your supplies now, and decide what marketing pieces you want to redesign, discontinue, add or reorder.

Less List Solution: Staples Copy & Print Business Cards (500), $9.99

7) Organize for safety. When workplaces get sloppy, accidents are more likely to happen. Take some time to make sure your business is well stocked with items such as eye protection and safety signs. Make sure fire extinguishers and first aid kits are in place and not expired. Spending a little bit of money on these items now can help prevent more costly issues in the future.

8) Organize your shopping. Ever notice how you always seem to run out of something just when you need it the most—like the printer that always runs out of toner right before a big presentation? Prevent last-minute panic by organizing your shopping. Create a Staples account, and you can save lists of your favorite products, reorder commonly purchased items quickly, review past online orders and more. You can even set up auto restock on key products (like toner) so you never run low again. If you are a Staples Rewards member, you can also get up to 5 percent back in Rewards + free shipping.

Photos courtesy: Annette Joseph, on behalf of Staples

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