Brides share the spotlight as grooms sport creative wedding attire.

By Rieva Lesonsky

When it comes to wedding attire, brides garner the most attention. But today’s grooms, apparently, are not content to wear the typical black tuxedo. According to PureWow, a lifestyle website, here are several trends that grooms are currently embracing—and that wedding retailers, florists and men’s clothing stores and websites should be aware of.

He Wore Red Velvet. Velvet is a hot fabric right now, in women’s clothes and accessories (velvet handbags started making big inroads last winter), and in home décor. (The new Pottery Barn catalog is highlighting velvet blankets.) PureWow features a red velvet jacket in their post, but velvet jackets in any color are in demand. In fact, the men in my niece’s wedding party (including the groom) will be sporting velvet jackets at her fall wedding.

Mini Bouquets. Apparently single-flower boutonnieres are too “basic” for today’s grooms. Instead, many are sporting mini-bouquets on their lapels.

Happy Feet. Several brides have been spotted wearing lace sneakers at their weddings, and now grooms are opting for comfortable footwear as well, PureWow reports. One potential alternative: black leather Chuck Taylor high-tops. And the footwear fun continues with brightly colored and/or patterned socks for the groom.

If sneakers sound a bit too casual, highlights some other trends in groom-wear, including grooms opting for white or navy suits, preppy prints (shirts or pants), T-shirts with their suits, and sparkly shoes (I think you should pass on this one).

WeddingWire agrees velvet is in, but adds it’s all about the texture, so corduroy jackets would work too (as will boldly patterned jackets). And it dubs bright blue suits as the new “classic color.”


Photo: “Creative Commons Chuck Taylors” by RWM is licensed under CC BY 2.0