Step-by-Step Checklist to Start Smart

By Michael Zernov

Launching your own startup can go in two ways. One, you begin unprepared, not having time or motivation to do due research on how to start; you stumble upon numerous unexpected problems on the way, and either try to catch up and adapt, panic-mode, or your enterprise falls flat and dies trying. The second way is you start your business slow, soaking up all the knowledge you can… and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of useless information and pointless “tips” out there.

What, you don’t feel like you’d preferred either of the perspective? Well, if succeeding with a startup was easy, we’d have had a dime a dozen Steves Jobses and Bills Gateses running around! But still, the latter of the options – learning as much as possible – is immensely more preferable.

Startup strategy – the first and the foremost

Every entrepreneur knows that planning stage is among the most important phases of starting a business. In it, you define the company’s line of activity and set long term goals that your organization would pursue. Basically, planning is sowing what you’ll reap.

To make the task a bit less menacing, we’ve prepared this thorough guide on startup strategy. We intended to transform the complex process of initial planning into a comprehensible, executable checklist. Take a look, and good luck with your endeavors!

Michael Zernov is a Writer for Roadmap Planner. He has a passion for learning and sharing experience with others. Michael has a vast knowledge of strategy, planning, internet privacy and security, and is keen on writing about these topics.

Startup stock photo by LDWYTN/Shutterstock