By Danielle Phillips

It should be noted that many inventions that are being developed in recent years are guided by our own understanding and perception of the world around us. Even though our minds are capable of imagining limitless possibilities, when it comes to an individual it would be fair to say that their only limitation is the way they think.

Keeping that in mind technology has been associated as a means to achieve better results then what we have accomplished so far, and this stigma seems to reflect on how artificial intelligence is interpreted by the general masses. The term itself originated way back in the 1950s and has several depictions in the popular media ever since then. The early work on AI paved the way for computers and their automation as well as formal reasoning as one might say, however, there is more to it as what meets the eye.

Nonetheless, its popularity has risen in recent years and doesn’t seem to lower down any time soon. AI is regularly mentioned these days by many renowned establishments that are actively promoting its development in recent years. Some of the most prominent ones that are popularly known as well as have invested their resources heavily for it further advancement include:

  • Amazon – a brief glimpse of AI development is already visible through its impressive line of Alexa products.
  • Apple – the personal assistant Siri has been there for quite a while now and is available for all of their iOS devices.
  • Google – clearly standing at the forefront for massive AI development with 12 AI startups already under their acquisition within 4 years.
  • Microsoft – Cortana a visual assistant for Windows 10 and it seems only to be the crux of their actual R&D.
  • SoundHound – their music-identification app is able to process voice-to-text queries at much higher complexities.
  • Tesla – their smart cars have wireless updates, Bio-Weapon defense mode and considerable form of machine learning integrated within them.

However, a question does arise as to why such a commotion is being made out of AI and its development and the results are quite surprising, to say the least!

The Possibilities AI Will Unlock For the Future

While machine learning can be credited to what differentiates between an intelligent and non-intelligent entity, there are still of lot of layers which the common person needs to understand to fully grasp the scope of AI and its promulgation in our everyday lives. In general, AI is usually labeled as an umbrella term that centers around not only machine learning but big data as well. Nevertheless here are some sneak peeks of what it will be able to deliver and how it will change the ecosystem of our world as we know it in the present:

  • A fully matured AI that is rid of its shortcomings could effectively help us unlock the greatest mysteries of our own beings including destiny, dreams, emotions, fate, and fears.
  • Contrary to popular belief AI will create new job possibilities rather than be a reason of creating unemployment. New niches and prospects will open up as AI provides better solutions to mundane tasks. In an aspect, AI will put frontline worker to manage their own mechanized teams or assembly lines to become managers in their own right.
  • Various industries would become more accessible to the clients and open themselves towards offering 24/7 customer assistance with the help of AI that will require little to no human intervention.
  • AI will also be deployed by many businesses and corporate establishments to gain further insights regarding their customer preferences, inclinations, decision-making styles, and priorities.
  • Together with the help of AI and its integration with algorithms, our internet surfing, and user experience will also see a drastic change as more adept tools will come into existence that will offer you unprecedented precision and conveniences when looking for results on a search engine.

Going by this means of convincing we can say that AI is generally depicted as an improvement of our age-old methods of productivity and in some cases have the possibility to become a complete game changer as well. Regardless of what the truth is for that matter, one thing is certain that knowledge is never ending and there is always room from improvement, hence this all translates to learning as a never-ending process.

As a species, we are still considerably young and the expanse of the universe around us is too formidable to make us self-centered. For some AI is simply a vanity fair for big boys to have a new tool to play with, while for the rest of us it is simply one step closer towards betterment. The best is indeed yet to come!

We know this post might have missed out on a lot of aspects that you would have preferred, however, we encourage you to share with us your opinion regarding the topic and provide us with your own feedback in the comment section below:

Danielle Phillips is an IT consultant at a major tech enterprise where she manages decision making for many corporate clients. In her spare time, she likes to write online blogs and help students with computer studies at UKassignment.

AI stock photo by agsandrew/Shutterstock