By Karen Axelton

Is your small business ready for Green Tuesday? Created by Green America, a nonprofit group that advocates for a cleaner, greener world, Green Tuesday encourages people to buy items and gifts from local communities and businesses – and also to  keep the environment in mind when shopping.

Green America’s goal is to harness the economic power of consumers, investors, businesses and the marketplace to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

This isn’t the first year Green Tuesday has taken place, but the holiday is still not as widely known as competing “shopping days” such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are some ways you can still take advantage of Green Tuesday:

  • Send quick text messages to your customers, update your Facebook page or send out an email blast letting your customers know why they should shop with you on Green Tuesday.
  • Highlight environmentally friendly products that you sell or products that are made or sourced locally.
  • Even if you don’t sell green products per se, you can point out the advantages to the planet if customers shop locally (they don’t have to drive as far–or at all, saving on gas and preventing unhealthy emissions).
  • If your business participates in any environmental causes, now is the time to let customers know.

How will you benefit from Green Tuesday?