2018’s hot holiday hues will break the rules.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Trying to make your holiday merchandise stand out? Think about going beyond the typical red, green and white colors for something bolder. “Seasonal takes on the typical colors and tactile elements in consumer packaged goods labeling are expected to attract consumer attention and purchasing power this high-traffic holiday season,” say the experts at Frontier Label, a digital label and sticker printing company.

The company just released its predictions for the coming holiday season, identifying the top label design and creative aspects anticipated in the coming months. It says:

  • Icy bold colors such as green, purple and pink will serve as seasonally appropriate and attention-grabbing alternatives to the red, white and green that typically saturate shelves.
  • Rusty metallics in earthy hues can capture light and evoke a feeling of warmth.
  • Mixed textures will offer a tactile experience and create a sense of premium design and packaging.

During the holidays, businesses “are looking to ramp up creative marketing and advertising to stand out amongst the crowd and incorporate timely designs,” says Jared Powell, CEO at Frontier Label. “Going beyond a snowflake or Santa Claus hat and instead using subtler designs is one way…to accomplish more with less.”

Consumers are in a hurry these days, Frontier Label notes, so it’s essential that businesses use eye-catching designs to grab attention on crowded store shelves. “A label can say a lot about a brand,” Powell adds. “Remaining timely and highly intentional should be top priority for anyone looking to build a strong, successful brand.”

This advice applies to more than just packaging labels. Think about incorporating it in your store design, shopping bags or other holiday marketing materials.

Holiday stock photo by Gergely Zsolnai/Shutterstock