Having the best possible communications system in place is an important aspect of growing your SME. In order to build a relationship with customers, you must earn their confidence through your communications with them. Delivering seamless and efficient customer service is an integral to building a reputable and credible brand.

When customers contact a small business, they’re looking for quick and stress-free resolutions that will instill confidence in the organisation. Lengthy queues and too much time on hold can put valuable customers off re-using an SME’s products or services. For this reason, the right phone system can make or break an organisation.

What should you look for in a phone system for your SME?

The best phone system for your small business will depend on a number of factors:

  • Functions – are you simply looking for a traditional PBX phone system, or do you require extra services such as cloud integration, or hosting?
  • Customer service – in which ways would you like to be accessible for customers? Are traditional phone calls sufficient, or would you also like a live chat and email function?
  • Budget – what are you able to invest in your phone system?

Every small business is unique in its communication needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business communications.

What are the benefits of a hosted PBX solution for your SME?

Using a hosted PBX system, and moving your phone system to the cloud, has a number of benefits for SMEs. Traditional and propriety phone systems can be unwieldy, and you can lose valuable time and resources to downtime, maintenance and admin.

A hosted PBX system is the best choice for SMEs for several reasons:

They’re cost-efficient

With a hosted PBX phone system, an external organisation takes care of all the hard work. We’ll organise the installation, updates, training and everything else and will charge you a monthly fee to use the system.  This allows SMEs to avoid installation, maintenance and repair costs. If phone upkeep is sapping too much of your IT manager’s time, a hosted PBX system will free them up for more valuable tasks.

They’re reliable

With a hosted PBX system, you can count on reliable, crystal clear calls with disaster recovery.

They offer scalability

Hosted PBX systems have the scalability to expand seamlessly with your business – making them ideal for growing SMEs. These solutions don’t have the limitations of traditional phone systems and allow you to quickly and easily add phone lines, extensions and connect to mobile devices.

They offer advanced Unified Communications (UC) features

They allow multi-channel communication

A hosted PBX solution allows you to enjoy the functionality of a sophisticated phone system at a competitive price.

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