How will changes to Facebook’s News Feed affect your small business’s marketing strategy? Here’s a roundup of some takes from around the Web:

More Visually Oriented: Fast Company offers a preview of the new, visually oriented News Feed, where pictures, videos and images will play a much bigger role. If your icon or cover photo needs refreshing, now is the time to do it, since these elements will have much more prominence in the new design.

Read more at Fast Company.

Better Ad Experience: BusinessNewsDaily focused on how the changes will combine the targeting power of Facebook with an ability to create richer and more attractive ads, something that the old design lacked.  “It gives advertisers a stronger ability to connect visually with users,”  Eric Covino, president and founder of digital marketing agency Creative Signals, told the site. “Now ads are mostly in the right column and are easy to ignore. This is definitely a move that should benefit the reach and number of eyeballs that see ads on Facebook.”

More Responsibility for Success or Failure: Over at Social Media Today, Sue Cockburn points out that the new News Feed will put more of the onus on advertisers and businesses for whether or not their social strategy succeeds or fails. While in the past, it was easy to blame Facebook if you didn’t get enough fans or engagement, that will be more difficult now, forcing small business owners to step up their game.

Image used under license with Shutterstock.