In order for a company to be successful, it must be better than its competition, but that’s not the only factor because the company needs to get noticed as well. Normally, advertising is the way to go, but it can be expensive and results are never guaranteed. The more modern and more cost effective method is using SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is all about getting a website to rank highly on the search engines. That means when someone searches for terms related to your business, the website for your business is among the first to appear.

That visibility greatly increases the chance that people will visit your website and get interested in your business, especially because SEO is also focused on lead generation, visitor retention, and customer conversion. There is a lot that goes into SEO, which is why you should hire an SEO agency to do all of it for you, that way you can concentrate on running your business. However, when you hire an SEO agency, you should make sure that they are doing SEO the smart way because that will make your campaign as effective as it can possibly be.

Optimize Your Website

What this means is that your website should be attractive and efficient for its visitors. Website optimization includes the following aspects that make navigation more user-friendly:

Fast Load Speeds – Even a load time of just a few seconds is considered to be too long for most people, which means that your website should load almost instantaneously. If your website loads slowly, then there may be various factors that are slowing it down. The SEO agency should be able to eliminate those problems so that your website loads more quickly.

Good UX/UI – UX and UI respectively mean user experience and user interface, both of which are important to the way a website looks and the way it responds to the user. Good UX and UI means that everything on each page of the site is laid out in an intuitive and logical manner that guides the user to where they want to go.

Sensible Navigation – It should take only a few clicks to go to any page on the website or else users could end up getting lost. That leads to a frustrating experience that discourages visitors from coming back. So even if the content on your site is relevant to their needs, the fact that it is difficult to find could cause visitors to miss out on what you have to offer them.

Optimize for Mobile

Practically everyone uses a mobile device for browsing the internet at some time or another, which is why any business that wants to be successful needs to have their website optimized for mobile devices. That is called responsive design and it means that the website has to fit the proportions of the mobile screen and have navigational features that make sense on that device. It must also load quickly as well. If a website is not well optimized for mobile users, then it is missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Build Authority

One of the ways that a site can get attention from the search engines is if it is viewed as an authoritative source on a particular subject. And the best way of building authority is through link-building. Link-building consists of two aspects: one is when you link to outside sources that are already viewed as being authoritative, such as a government agency or a news site; these are called outbound links.

Another aspect is having sites that are not affiliated with yours link back to your site; those are called inbound links. Both outbound and inbound links help to build the authority of your site and make it more likely that the search engines will pull up your website when people search for terms related to the services you have to offer.

Creation of Appealing Content

It is all well and good if a website looks great, works well on mobile devices, and is very easy to use, but if it wants to have substance as well as style, then it needs to have great content as well. Well written content that is relevant to the user’s needs is the cornerstone of smart SEO. That is because great content can keep the user engaged and can help to guide them to what they are looking for.

The content is where the information that they are looking for is found, which is why it is so important. However, the content is also where a lot of the SEO techniques that help a site to get a better ranking are found as well. The high-ranking keywords and links to other authoritative sites are found in the content. That means that great content is good for both human visitors as well as the search engines. The content needs to be updated regularly as well since people and the search engines like fresh content.

High Security

If you conduct financial transactions on your site or if your visitors input personal information on your site, then you will need tight security to protect their valuable information. That is why you should have the latest security protocols installed on your site in order to keep your users’ information safe and secure. Any page where financial transactions are done or private information is revealed needs to have the HTTPS security protocols in place; the S at the end stands for security and it means that the user’s information is safe from prying eyes.

Good security is not just good for your customers’ information, it is also good for their peace of mind. That means if they believe that their information will be safe, they are more likely to use your site and partake of the services you have to offer them.

Contact an SEO Agency To Help You Do SEO the Smart Way

Smart SEO takes a lot of work, which is why you will need an experienced SEO agency to help you. The agency will have specialists in the various fields to launch and sustain your SEO campaign so that your website climbs in the search engine rankings and gets the attention that it needs. So be sure to contact the right agency when you are ready to do SEO the smart way.

Michael Davis is the Content Director of Miami’s On the Map Marketing, Inc. As the chief content editor of one of the fastest-growing internet marketing firms in the country, Michael has made it his mission is to provide high-level, factual, and error-free content that emphasizes the best SEO practices and helps his company’s clients convert sales. When he’s not editing SEO content for On the Map, Michael writes his own industry-specific content for various publications. 

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