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When it comes to setting up your home office, location is everything. In fact, finding or creating the right space is often the first step toward a productive day where you smash through that to-do list like a champion. But you also need to switch off when work is over.

And to make sure you strike the perfect work/life balance, Budget Direct Home Insurance has come up with some top tips to help business owners working from home set up a productive home office.

Find a space to think

If you’re a creative type who comes up with the big concepts, set yourself in front of a large bay window, open the curtains wide, and let the ideas flow. The conservatory is another ideal spot for novel thinkers. All that light and space is an excellent source of inspiration.

home officeBut a window seat isn’t for everyone, especially if you get easily distracted or need to do some deep, analytical work.  In this case, tucking a desk away in a quiet corner facing a wall will shut out the world and encourage laser-like focus.

Split the room into two

Zoning is a little trick that will divide the workspace from the chill zone. It’s especially handy if you’re short on space. Zoning is simple. Just use a piece of furniture to split the room in two.

home office

Moving the sofa to the center of the living room is a perfect way to zone.  Alternatively, you can use stand-up screens that fold back when it’s time to log off.

Integrate into the environment

Shelving units, bookshelves, and wall fixtures can all become a part of your remote office. You can use them to store files, stationary, or the really important provisions, like those mid-morning biscuits. And you won’t have to waste any precious time or money shopping around for new pieces of home office furniture.

Ashley Murphy graduated with a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Manchester. He began working as a freelance content writer in 2015. He specializes in technology, higher education, advertising copy, current affairs, and entrepreneurship.