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As a business the work you’ve done for your existing clients is a hidden PR treasure you might be ignoring. A case study helps you describe how you helped a current client through an exceptional product or service. You document it as an article or a video, or a podcast episode. Use the right story angle, and your case study is likely to get picked up by prominent niche journalists. In this article, let’s understand how you can use the power of business case studies to earn valuable press coverage for your business.

Get Help from a Professional Writer

A case study is a critical piece of content. Hence, you must take the help of a professional copywriter to write down case studies for your business. Make sure you hire a writer who has experience in writing content in your business niche.

An excellent way to start is to create a brief that includes essential details of the delivered project:

  • Client name and the initial set of challenges
  • The nature of the service provided
  • The results achieved

It would help if you also briefed the writer about the ideal audience persona and the tone of the content piece. A well-written case study showcases tangible benefits that a client got from the service. Plus, use an attractive headline to get the audience to read your case study.

Publish and Pitch to Journalists

Case studies help you turn your product or service into a story. A dedicated website section enables you to publish several case studies about different clients. Take a look at this example:


This section is a ready reckoner for journalists looking to use interesting examples and anecdotes in their upcoming articles.

Plus, you can pick and use the relevant case studies while tipping niche journalists on platforms such as HARO and SourceBottle.

Including a relevant case study along with expert tips improves your chances of getting featured on reputed industry blogs and publications. You can also send out published case studies while doing a blogger outreach or running a link-building campaign for your business.

Re-Purpose and Promote Case Study Content

A case study is a typical middle-of funnel content piece. It’s an ideal content format to build a reputation and get more people to buy your products and services. Publicizing case study content is the perfect way to get in front of niche bloggers and journalists.

Here are some content formats where you can include a relevant case study to attract more prospects to your business:

  • Write a long-form blog post to highlight your case study. Tell a detailed story about how you helped the client to get to a challenging goal. Take a look at this example:


  • Create a video to highlight a case study and display your niche expertise.
  • Write and publish well-constructed Quora answers using your case study content.
  • Create a podcast episode dedicated to a specific client case study.
  • Create a presentation that showcases how you helped a big client. Add some of the key advantages of your products and services.
  • Publish a downloadable PDF in the form of a whitepaper or an ebook.
  • Present a case study as an infographic and publish it as a blog post and on platforms like Pinterest.

Once you have many case study content pieces in different formats, you can regularly promote them on your social media handles and share them in your newsletter.

Amplifying case study content into different content formats helps you get more visibility, positive word of mouth, backlinks, and media mentions for your business.

Optimize Case Study Content for Search

Search engines remain the top source of information for online users, journalists, and editors. To get visibility on Google search, you must optimize all case study content formats for search. Here are tips for using SEO writing to make your case study content more search-friendly.

  • Focus on searcher persona and searcher-intent to produce content that meets your audience’s current needs.
  • Understand the type of queries your audience is searching for, and then structure your piece accordingly.
  • Make use of the relevant high-volume keywords in your content.
  • Add keyword-optimized meta titles and descriptions to all case-study material published on your site.
  • Make use of images to make the content audience-friendly. Optimize images for search with the help of suitable Alt tags.

Getting case studies to rank on search engines is vital to get bloggers to notice your content. It’s an ideal way to get featured in news and stories published by top niche bloggers and journalists.

Final Thoughts

Publishing and promoting case studies is an under-utilized PR strategy. A case study offers valuable social proof and testimony of the merit of your products and services. Editors and journalists at prominent media outlets devour authentic stories of companies who have done outstanding work in their niche. Well-written case studies give you a chance to make it easy for publications to create and publish interesting new content. Make the most of this unique content format to earn yourself priceless press coverage, and industry thought leadership.

Abhishek Talreja is a passionate wordsmith and an experienced content marketing expert. He is the founder of Prolific Content MarketingHe works with International businesses as a marketing consultant and freelance writer. His articles have appeared in some of the top marketing publications. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

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