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Email Marketing is crucial for the growth of business in today’s competitive environment. But it demands your patience, energy and time to show its favorable results. Your email list can bring you good revenue and is the best way to convert your followers into your buyers. You can channelize your details that reach the public. You can make your customer feel that you are personally communicating with them and increase your credibility. Marketing tools like GDPR keep track of your success. 

Challenges with email marketing

In the past, sending and receiving emails were considered more serious than today. The number of emails was less. With time, the emails become bulky. Approx 269 billion emails are sent every day. This sometimes makes people ignore important mails because most of the received emails are spam. Read about the technical difficulties you can face while sending your email campaigns. 

In this case, it becomes challenging to make your mail notice in their inbox. When your subscribers click to open your mail, they want to see something worth their time. Read the expert email marketing tips here.

Importance of email marketing 

When other Marketing strategies and Email Marketing are compared, there are several differences that come above. Here are some importance of email marketing – 

  1. The investment required in email marketing is way less than any other form of marketing. Email companies will charge you less and not like for ads where you have to pay for every click. 
  2. This process is time-consuming and its results depend on the way you have built your email list.
  3. With email marketing, you have more control over things like, what information has to be shown, how will it be shown. You have more information about your subscribers than any other form.
  4. Email marketing is a much more personal way of communicating than any other form. Email is landed in the inbox of the user and it is directed towards him and not at the public at large like done in other marketing things.
  5. You have to pay according to your email list and not according to your competitors. 

When should you start with building your email list

Building an email list is a time-consuming task. It requires data that is built over years. Hence, it is recommended that as soon as one starts with the business, he should also start collecting email lists. Here is a guide on how to evaluate your email marketing metrics.

Things you need to know about the latest email trends

  • You should personalize your email

You can use emails to make bonds with your customers. Personalizing your emails will make your customer feel a sense of belongingness. The emails you send should feel that they come from a real person and not machines.

  • Analyze the pattern of your customer

Do not spam their inbox with irrelevant information. They might start ignoring your important details. Always analyze their reactions and responses. And basing on that, send them further emails

  • Recheck your content

Be sure about what your customer is going to read. You want to make it worth their time. Your content should intrigue your receiver. This is majorly dependent on the tagline. If the person is attracted and curious enough to read the content through the tagline then your email sending was successful.

  • Try to make email mobile-oriented

People find it more convenient to check their mobiles for emails and not their laptops. This makes it important that you design your emails as per mobile screens. Ignoring this can make you lose your maximum audience. Emails should be mobile friendly. This also helps your product reach maximize. 

  • Get automated emails 

This will allow you to track down the audience and their responses. You can evaluate behavior easily. Modifying strategies and quickly and effectively. Setting email autoresponders according to the behavior of your prospects and targeting them according to their behavior on your website 

Tools that you can use for email marketing 

Sender. It is one of the best email sending tools that you can use for email marketing. HTML knowledge is not required to operate this tool. You can choose a template of your choice and add texts, images and video. If you want, you can customize the email as per particular audience. It also lets you track the users who have opened your email. It makes you build a suitable buyer profile as per your convenience. 

Sendinblue. They have around 70 designs for templates that can make your email look stunning and impressive. You can preview your template to look at how it displays the user. You can also make use of features like A/B testing and segmented lists to target your ideal customers. You can freely access this option by sending 300 emails per day for free. 

Omnisend. It will manage all your communication platforms in one place. It will make you choose your email timings. They also offer comprehensive email insight that can be used to send relevant email messages. Its features like Product picker will enable you to save your time and have quality customized email. If you want to add features like discount coupons etc. then this website will make you add it easily with the best options.

SendPulse. SendPulse provides one of the best email services. It provides you with tools where you can evaluate your best subscribers so that you can focus on them more. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can easily customize your emails. You can also get your replaceable text field. You can access its free plan at up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month.

Benchmark Email. If you don’t want to be device-oriented while designing an email then this is the best service for you. You can not only add images but also edit them on the platform itself. You can have texts, stickers and other effects to make your email look attractive. If you lack time then you have the opportunity to access already designed templates based on a particular situation. You can also build emails right from scratch. BenchMark provides you with free services up to  2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month.

Email marketing is important to make your business grow. It will make you more customer-oriented and help you know your target audience. This is the way where you can personally communicate with your customers.

Aabhas Vijay is the founder of an dedicated email marketing blog, where he teaches how to use an SMTP Server to scale your medium and small businesses free of cost using email marketing. 

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