By Rieva Lesonsky

Several weeks ago I first told you about how I fell a little bit in love with the Officejet Pro X HP sent me to review. To recap, the Officejet Pro X claims to be the “world’s fastest desktop printer,” and I have no reason to doubt that claim. The printer prints a page faster than I can get from my living room to home office—and it’s hardly a big house. (The official stats say it prints up to 70 pages a minute.)

I have yet to have to refill the paper tray, which holds 500 sheets of paper (with an optional tray that holds 500 additional pieces). The printed pages are crisp and clear—this inkjet clearly behaves like a far more expensive laser printer.

This is a thrifty device as well. Printing a page will cost you about 50 percent less than printing with a laser, and the ink, which comes in uber-large cartridges, will last through 6,000 printed pages—9,000 for monochrome printing.

Every printer I’ve owned since my business went virtual has lost connection with the router and I’ve constantly had to reconnect the device. With the Officejet Pro X, that has yet to happen. My original infatuation with the Officejet has turned into full-blown love. We’ve had weeks and weeks of connected bliss. Essentially, this printer rescued me from a series of dreary printer relationships.

Speaking of bliss, I want to share the joy. Check back next week to find out how you can win an Officejet Pro X.