Do you want to take advantage of the benefits mobile marketing can bring to your small business? There’s an app for that! New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies has developed a new app to teach small business owners and marketers about mobile marketing. The course is titled “Mobile Marketing for the Small to Medium-sized Business.”

The course app features several lessons that mobile learners can complete at their own pace. Developed in partnership with Sprint and DudaMobile, Mobile Marketing for the Small to Medium-sized Business is the first course of its kind taught online and via mobile devices. You can download individual lesson apps and learn at your own pace, using virtually any device. The app is available for iOS, Blackberry, Droid and Windows.

You can take one or more workshops on topics including Mobile Marketing Landscape, Mobile Marketing Planning, Content Strategy, Discoverability & Promotion and Monetization. Users can take the quizzes in each lesson and test their knowledge on key concepts learned. Quizzes are graded each month and feedback will be provided by the instructor.

Those who complete the mobile course will receive a 10% discount on the more intensive summer Mobile Marketing course, which runs from July 29th – August 2nd.

Learn more at NYU’s MassiveU website.