Go online and search for any pop-sensations on Google. Chances are you will find their official website appearing first. After that, it gets followed by Wikipedia, YouTube, and Instagram below. The exact order might vary, but it’s mostly the same. The search engines effectively push online web traffic to social media platforms. However, when it comes to your Instagram account, it is complicated to showcase the outcome. The reason being Instagram blocks the search engines from classifying the image. It means that your Instagram profile can get indexed, but not the photos. And this is what makes Instagram SEO slightly challenging. But with smart SEO tactics, you can work things out on Instagram.

You can buy likes on Instagram if you want

The core objective of Instagram SEO is to get your brand noted by your target customer group and other online views. You also would love to have an increased follower base so that you get more likes and comments. It will help to give your Instagram posts more mileage and create better engagement. For this, you can join hands with service providers that help you to buy likes on Instagram. Choose the count you like depending on your requirement.

The Instagram SEO tactics

  • You can link Instagram

Most companies using a multi-channel marketing strategy identifies by promoting any account on Instagram, which means advertising external to the platform. When you link an Instagram profile to other social media accounts, it lets the followers know that you have a profile on Instagram. It also enables you to cross-connect the media platforms through events, ads, and other special announcements. The moment you authenticate Instagram for accessing various media profiles, a link gets added to the Instagram business profile.

Since Instagram doesn’t get suggested through the “clickable” tab, you need to connect the Instagram feed. Once you’ve enabled Instagram feed to another social media platform, the users will get directed to the Instagram profile. The users present on other platforms can also locate you on Instagram.

  • Make sure to optimize the images

Instagram initially got used for images. Hence, the success of your SEO comes from the quality and type of images. First, it is essential to distinguish your content. Instagram makes use of the “image recognition” technology, which categorizes the pictures based on the content. It will enable you to grow the Instagram account by highlighting all the photos to online users who want to see similar posts but didn’t come across your account. You need to keep the images clean, but you can also add stunning effects to that. It’s a smart call to make use of a professional photo-editing app that allows you to keep all the images clear and to strike with cropping, color correction, and the lighting adjustment.

  • Change the location and the URL

You can take the liberty to modify the location and URL with each Instagram post. You might want to think about it as a CTA (Call to Action). Else, you might look at it like a bond between the ROI (Return on Investment) and customer engagement as well. And that will let you know the things that you want to change. For instance, you might want to lead different people to different promotional articles and product pages. If the business doesn’t benefit directly from posting the precise location, you can move beyond the business and resort to the location option to have access to interesting data about the brand and products.

  • Make use of a new feature i.e., Alt Text

Instagram now enables you to add the Alt text option for your images. When you add the same to your images, it acts as a useful SEO strategy. It enables the Instagram algorithm to arrange the content. It helps people to land on their search query results that match your content. For Instagram, it is a brand-new feature, so you can stay ahead of the game if you resort to it now.

  • You need to research on quality and relevant hashtags

The hashtags allows the target audience to see your Instagram account. So, when you use qualitative and relevant hashtags, you can promote your brand to others sharing common interests. As you search for the ideal hashtags for your service and products, check whether it has been used already or not. Is the content linked to the hashtag apt, and is it beneficial to get your brand linked with it? It will help you decide better.

  • Giveaways create contests and special offers

Campaigns and contests will draw in more users to your Instagram page. For instance, you can generate traffic on your website and sell products by creating contests. You may ask the users to comment and like on your post. They might even tag a friend, which showcases your brand to a vast pool of Instagram followers.

These are a few Instagram SEO tactics that you can use to add more visibility to your brand. It also helps to enhance brand recall value.

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Instagram stock photo by ALEX_UGALEK/Shutterstock