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You’ve undoubtedly heard about Clubhouse, a relatively new social media audio app that’s getting all the buzz right now. In its short existence, according to HubSpot, it already has more than 10 million active users, and you still have to be invited to join.

If you’re evaluating whether you should participate, before you decide, perhaps you should wait for the oncoming competition from some of the biggest names in tech, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In a recent post, HubSpot offers a very comprehensive rundown:

Twitter Spaces launched in May. HubSpot says: “The feature, which closely resembles Clubhouse Rooms, allows users with over 600 followers to host a space—or audio chatroom that anyone on Twitter or just a few pre-selected followers can be invited to.” If you launch a Space, you can invite up to 10 hand-picked speakers.

HubSpot’s Takeaways for Marketers: “This feature could be a good fit for brands that are looking for a broad audience and completely public platform.”

Instagram Live Rooms is expanding its Live feature to add chat rooms, which will stream full video chats rather than just audio discussions. The Live Rooms have a limited capacity of three guests. The program is still rolling out.

HubSpot’s Takeaways for Marketers: “While Live Rooms could be an interesting prospect,” the post notes, the limit of three guests, and the visual aspect might limit its adaption. But “one solid feature that could make Instagram Live Rooms more competitive…is Instagram Shopping…, which will be available in Live Rooms so brands could begin to monetize their live chats.”

HubSpot says neither Facebook nor LinkedIn has revealed many details of their audio platforms.

HubSpot’s Takeaways for Marketers: “Marketers should keep these options on their radar and be ready to consider these alternatives if they do launch. While Clubhouse users that love to network and discuss their industry might transition well to LinkedIn’s version, Facebook’s pure size could mean that their in-app audio chat experiences could get more listeners than you’d find on Clubhouse.”

Again, if you’re considering marketing on these platforms or just want to know more, the HubSpot blog post is well worth a read.

Clubhouse social media stock photo by Boumen Japet/Shutterstock