According to USA Today, approximately 250 million Americans (about three in four, according to BBC) are adhering to local or state-level stay-at-home orders. As well, many businesses are now temporarily shut down. In my county 35 miles east of Atlanta, the local park/playground has a fresh, new fence around it which wasn’t there a few days ago. So, we’re pretty much staying put in our little cul de sac. And so are millions of other Americans.

  • Only 28.8% of Americans actually have jobs that would enable them to work from home. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • About the same percentage of workers polled (28%) say they are currently working from home, and many of them have worked remotely in the past. (YouGov)

  • Twenty-nine percent of workers say they get just as much done working from home as they do working in the office. (YouGov)

  • The median earnings for a person who works from home some of the time were $42,442 in 2018, about $4,000 more than the median earnings for all workers which were $38k,184. (CNBC)

  • Forty-three percent of Americans work from home occasionally. (Gallup)

  • Forty-two percent of workers who have an advanced degree worked from home at least some days, compared with 12% of those with a high school diploma and no college at all. (CNBC)

  • Before COVID-19 hit the States, only about seven percent of non-government American workers had access to flexible workplace/teleworking.  The exception is New England, where 11% of workers have access to it. (Pew Research)


WFH stock photo by Halfpoint/Shutterstock