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Articles on Marketing, Social Media and Productivity You May Have Missed this Week

By Rieva Lesonsky

Small Business Reading List

Best Practices

  • Don’t sign a commercial lease until you read this
  • How do consumers discover small businesses?


  • You need the goodwill of others to succeed: wise advice from a successful entrepreneur.
  • “Never take rejection to heart,” says this successful entrepreneur.
  • 3 books you should read now

Marketing Smart

  • 8 smart ways to manage your marketing
  • 9 reasons Facebook is the most effective social media marketing tool
  • 6 myths about social media
  • Is direct mail making a comeback?

Money Matters

  • Use job costing to manage your expenses
  • Getting a tax refund can hurt your bottom line

People Power

  • 5 tips to recruit Gen Z employees
  • How to prevent summer scheduling headaches
  • 9 signs it may be time to hire


  • 11 productivity hacks to help you manage your time

Sell More

  • Secret to attracting more customers
  • Are you annoying your customers?


  • Is your business at risk from cyberattacks?
  • What do customers want from a mobile-friendly website?
  • Do you have a feeble website?