parties for dogs
Dogs Singing Happy Birthday Wearing Party Hats

No bones about it: Parties for dogs are growing in popularity.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Yes, I’ve written about pets plenty of time before—yet there always seems to be something new to note. According to New York magazine, the hottest trend in the pet industry is birthday parties for dogs. Yes, dogs.

The American Pet Products Association reports in its National Pet Owners Survey that 7 percent of dog owners hold holiday or birthday parties for their dogs (that’s about 4 million people)—and 28 percent buy their dogs birthday gifts.

If you want to get into the business of planning or hosting puppy parties, New York says there are two “musts” you need to provide. First, consumers expect these parties to be “pure, unadulterated fun” and you need to offer a variety of themes.

The founder of Puppy Parties NYC told the magazine she’s thrown parties with Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney themes. She’s made masks for the canine party guests, sets up photo booths and sends guests home with gift bags.

Since Millennials buy more gifts for their dogs than other age groups, they’re likely the best market to target to start your business. The article is full of ideas people have used for hosting their own doggie shindigs, but they’ll help inspire you to come up with creative ideas for your business.