Hygge is out, lagom is in

By Rieva Lesonsky

Is hygge over? Seems so, but according to the Pinterest 2018 Home Report (as reported by Apartment Therapy), there are plenty of new home trends that designers, contractors and home décor retailers should be aware of.

Instead of hygge, consumers are embracing the new Scandinavian lifestyle of lagom—“everything in moderation.” (Apartment Therapy says “the goal is finding balance at home with a less is more philosophy.”) Saves and searches for lagom are up 905% from last year.

Texture and pattern are in, “with wool, leather, and fringe furniture all on the rise.” Concrete is still in, particularly for tiles and floors (I want that myself).  Searches and saves for block prints, geometric tile and statement rugs are all increasing.

Homeowners are still remodeling. Specifically, Apartment Therapy says, bathtub remodels are up more than 668%, and black sinks are popular for newly designed kitchens (I already have one of those).

In general, consumers are selecting darker, deeper colors, particularly, red (+217%), dark blue (+139%) and hunter green (+209%). Gold is still the metal accent color of choice.

Open concept still rules. Something new, however, is open closets, with searches and saves up 126%.

For those of your customers who don’t have a green thumb, pictures of plants are becoming increasingly popular, with searches and saves for framed plants up 396%, tropical wallpaper up 46% and botanical prints up 114%.