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By Sergey Aliokhin

It is not a big secret that content is an essential part of any blog. Content helps your target audience become more knowledgeable in the specific niche and get familiar with your brand. However, even if your content is and contains extra-valuable information, it might be never read by your target audience. And the reason why is very simple.

Your content promotion across social media channels doesn’t work.

How to turn the tables?

In this guide, I will tell you how to perform content promotion on a few major social media channels and forums.

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Every internet user knows about Facebook. From the perspective of an ordinary user—Facebook is a social media platform where you can share some photos, videos, and some information related to your personal life. You don’t need lots of people to follow postings about your leisure time. Nobody (except your close friends) cares about it.


On the other hand, the situation changes when it comes to online businesses. Your aim is to attract as many users as you can. But the main obstacle here is that all the users must be related to your niche.

How to do this? Start with creating a Facebook page

You can create a Facebook page free of charge. This step gives you an opportunity to show your brand to the audience and increase your online presence. You should fill up the page with all necessary details and don’t forget to encourage users to “like” it.

A page without engaging content will hardly get “likes” from the audience. It means that you must post on a regular basis.

Before you start an active promotion of the group, read the rules first. Discover how users interact with each other and whether they are interested in your service. Don’t shy away from participating in the threads across other Facebook groups apart from your niche.


This is another social media platform that is widely used by people all around the globe. Twitter users post about 500 million tweets per day!

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Many people use Twitter for business purposes. Using Twitter gives you a wonderful opportunity to reach your target audience and keep an eye on what people “tweet” about your product and brand.

How do you promote content on Twitter?

When we talk about Twitter, a few things come to mind—accessibility and hashtags. The accessibility of the platform leads to information being spread at lightning speed across the web. Hashtags help users find the right information they need, based on the relevancy.

To promote your content, you should include links within your tweets. But your tweets must be engaging and informative in the first place.

If you want to make your tweets even better, you can optimize them using Twitter Cards. And don’t forget to add relevant images to your tweets. It will improve the CTR of the tweets.

Prioritize retweets but don’t forget to promise something in return. If you want to ask users for retweets, you must be sure your tweets gain exposure through the shares. Keep in mind the more users who see your tweet, the more likely they are to click to your Twitter page and visit your website.

When you ask for retweets, the “reward” should be unique. For example:

This type of promotion gives your brand both exposure and content popularization.


What do we know about Quora? Quora is a Q&A platform where people post questions and get the answers. It is very useful for content promotion.

Quora is a great place to share your thoughts, spread the word about your brand, and generate traffic for your website. If you want to promote your content on Quora, you need to know a few tricks:

Content promotion on Quora is quite similar to guest posting. You must find a niche-related channel and the right people to introduce your content to.

The first step is to put a query on the Quora search bar:

The next step is to find the questions you can expertly answer. Then choose the questions that are the most popular among the users of that particular niche:

Your main indicator should be the number of views the question has. The more it has, the better for you.

When you post your answers include links to some related pieces of content. However, if you want people to click on the link, you must give them a detailed answer to the question. Remember to focus on providing value but not a clickbait intent.

Sergey Aliokhin is a Marketing Manager at Ahrefs. Apart from working at Ahrefs, he likes spending his time with family, studying martial arts and plucking fat bass guitar strings. Don’t hesitate to contact him.

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