By Karen Axelton

photo macaronNo, that’s not a typo in the headline. We’re not talking macaroons or macaroni, but macaron – a pastel-colored French cookie concoction that’s suddenly having a moment.

Macarons are perfect for springtime and Easter, which is why the cookies have recently been spotlighted by publications like the Los Angeles Time, New York Magazine and Martha Stewart Living. TrendCentral Web site just devoted space to the macaron trend, including:

  • The first annual Macaron day, recently held in New York City;
  • A roundup of blogs devoted to macarons; and
  • Macaron-inspired fashions, home decor and stationery.

Will macarons become the next cupcake? I’m not sure this unusual treat can knock cupcakes off their throne, but if you own a bakery, gourmet food store or other eatery that offers desserts, macarons could be a good addition to your offerings.