Online retailers, whether they’re small or mid-sized, share several common challenges. They’re usually short of time, staff, and money, leaving these SMBs desperately in need of solutions.

If you’re an online (or in-store) retailer with these concerns, there is an answer— This digital pioneer has a suite of tools designed to help SMBs find and access products without the time and expense of researching and traveling to check out suppliers and their merchandise. Sounds too good to be true… but thankfully it is.

Below, we will explore ways to overcome historic challenges of SMBs and support them with modern resources designed uniquely for them.

Trusted Partners

If there’s one lesson SMB retailers learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the necessity of diversifying their supply chains. Finding trusted suppliers to support inventory goals has always been essential, but the pandemic made merchants realize they needed suppliers they can access 24/7. Additionally, finding suppliers you can trust is key.’s      Elite Partner Event      is helpful for SMBs because its goal is to  help establish trust between merchants and global suppliers. This group of verified elite suppliers with proven production and supply chain capabilities are hand-picked by to ensure the best experience despite the cancellation of so many trade shows and the increased difficulties of international travel during the pandemic. Even as the world continues to reopen, however, this access is essential.

Making Connections

In order to help merchants find the right suppliers for their unique product goals, they can leverage’s several visual sourcing tools      that include LIVE, True View, and their Virtual Reality  Showroom. Here are some of the unique and valuable features of these resources for retailers to consider:

  • You can live video chat with potential suppliers to get a holistic view of their businesses, products, and production capabilities.
  • Merchants can view live product demos from the comfort of their home or office
  • You can gain sale and promotional coupons on occasion through the app

Additionally, there are daily updates where you can find new products and opportunities and receive industry insights, information online search trends, market news, business tips, and special deals on

Putting it Together

The reality is, SMBs need to discover more suppliers so they can diversify their supply chains. To undertake this discovery digitally, makes it easy to save time, energy, and money by doing this online. Plus, with a low MOQ ready-to-ship category to source from, Dropshipping and On-Time Delivery Services*, SMBs can confidently manage their businesses without hesitation. The best part? There is no better time to take advantage of all this than during’s Super September. You get access to a vast variety of products, receive the best prices available and even get up to 40% off special deals and promotions thanks to Alibaba’s Super September savings.

In Conclusion

Obviously, the more you sell, the more successful you will be. But if you improve your efficiency, you can make even more money. The less time it takes you to discover and access products, the faster you can stock and sell them. Global sourcing has never been easier thanks to Another bonus for SMBs to consider? They are offering a      GrantsProgram that supports the much needed access to capital that small businesses need.

It all adds up to spending less (time and money) and selling more. That’s business.

* On-time Delivery service is applicable on select products only and subject to Terms & Conditions.


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