By James Wirth

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, rating scales are among the most popular forms of online feedback:

  •  Online review sites like Yelp have popularized the star rating; 
  •  The “Net Promoter Score” uses an 11-point scale in its’ formula;
  •  Many rating scales use graphics to indicate emotional levels.

But are these actually effective in terms of the feedback they provide?

The concept is straight forward enough: Ask survey takers to rate a particular topic based on a scale. But then things get all crazy.

What is an appropriate question?

What should the answer options be?

How many answer options should I have?

And the list.



So for folks new to conducting customer feedback etc., QuestionPro’s new video education series should shed some light on the subject.

Starting with rating scales. Hope it helps!

James Wirth is the Marketing Manager for QuestionPro, an online feedback software company serving the small business community. James is a skilled marketer with 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners & managers.