The good news is we’re living in the Information Age.

The bad news is there’s so much information it can be overwhelming and difficult to find.

Luckily, many there are plenty of resources, including industry trade associations, that provide access to helpful statistics and other information. If you are not a member of your industry’s trade association, I recommend you strongly consider joining.

Here are a few stats and resources you should know about.

Social Media

All small business owners know how important social media is to our businesses as a tool for customer engagement, research and more. But it’s time -consuming to keep current on the very latest stats on the various social platforms.

HubSpot curated many of the important stats in this informative post on their website. Some highlights:

  • Facebook has over 2 billion users. (We Are Social)
  • 60% of users say they discover new products on Instagram. (Instagram)
  • The U.S. has more Twitter users than any other country (48 million). (Statista)
  • According to Twitter’s internal data, Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery. (Twitter for Business)

Beauty Industry

If you’re in—or aspire to be a beauty industry entrepreneur, the information on the BeautyMatter website and blog are particularly useful.


If you own a restaurant, you should be a member of the National Restaurant Association. They provide a lot of useful content. Check out this post on Top 10 Restaurant Trends for 2020. I also subscribe to Nation’s Restaurant News to keep up on the latest info on the ever-changing industry.


The National Retail Federation (NRF) is the “voice of retail”. One recent post worth your time is 10 Ideas Worth Stealing for 2020.

Go-to general resources

Content Marketing Institute


NPD Group


The Future 100 report from Wunderman Thompson is filled with intriguing concepts, great ideas and loads of stats.


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