By Kimberly Erskine

Getting your foot in the door in the business world can be a challenge, especially for new and hopeful entrepreneurs. There are plenty of obstacles one must overcome when starting a business like creating an effective strategy, implementing successful marketing tactics and developing a firm foundation to grow upon – the list can go on. During the startup process, entrepreneurs can be stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed and overworked which can lead to certain health risks that can affect their well-being. Knowing the hurdles associated with starting a new business, some opt to go another route, a route where some of the basic fundamentals and principles are already established which can cut back on stresses.

With that being said, optimistic entrepreneurs have the option of utilizing their business skills by owning a franchise to fulfill their dreams of running a business and lessen the health-toll it can take on their bodies. But, not all franchises are the same. There certainly are a number of franchises that operate in a wide variety of industries, but some may be more stress-free and than others.

Entrepreneurs who want to enjoy owning and operating a business should look for franchises that can benefit them in more ways than the monetary side of things. For instance, running a pet franchise has some positive health benefits that can reduce cholesterol and decrease blood pressure. But how does this happen? According to studies from the Center for Disease Control and the American Health Association, pets have those allievating attributes with daily interaction and when you work with animals on a daily basis, you can benefit from their healthful side effects.

Having this in mind, entrepreneurs may be more inclined to seek pet franchises especially if they have a passion for animals. Combining a passion with the drive and dedication of running a business is the key ingredient  to success which leaves entrepreneurs with the task of finding that happy medium. But this isn’t the only attractive perk of owning a franchise because they are growing faster than the rest of the current economy. 2015 marks the fifth consecutive year for franchise businesses to grow and create more jobs faster than anything else according to the most recent economic outlook published by the International Franchise Assoication (IFA) Educational Foundation and IHS Economics.

Not only are franchises booming in the current economy, but they are suppling an additional 247,000 new direct jobs for the year on top of the 235,000 that were already added from 2014. They are also anticipated to increase economic output another 5.4% over last years report of $889 billion. Franchises can provide entrepreneurs with the stability they want and the satisfaction of contributing to the overall economy by strengthening the United States workforce and increasing the nation’s percentage of gross domestic product.

Kimberly Erskine is an experienced SEO and Social Media Marketer that enjoys sharing her skills and expertise with others. She also enjoys writing and blogging and is currently in the process of writing a memoir about her experience as a recent cochlear implant recipient. Follow her at @KimberlyErskine.