Any business, no matter its size, should always do market research before opening its doors. Why? Not only will you be able to define precisely who your market is made of, but you’ll also be able to learn elements that will lead you to change the way you bring your product/service to market. Whereas before market research where quite difficult and time consuming, today you can find out all you need through an online survey.

The 3 steps method

Online surveys have evolved through the years since the internet started. They have become so easy to create, thanks to their drag and drop questionnaire preparation, that you will be ready to send it out in no time (find out more through this link).Thanks to a 3 steps method, you’ll go from A to Z and find yourself with all the information you need to adapt to your market’s need, in no time.

Step 1: Create

You’re not a specialist of market research? Don’t worry! There is nothing easier than finding out the questions you need to ask and putting them nicely together through a series of templates. You can use yes and no questions when you need to clear-up precise elements from your company, have multiple choices questions if you are still wondering on various possibilities or you can even ask people to provide you with their opinion, through open questions. There is no information you won’t be able to get.

Step 2: Diffuse

There are three main ways you can diffuse your survey to your potential clients. The first one, is through a link that you can insert in your various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), inside an e-mail or even position on your website. If an e-mailing campaign is what you are looking to do, you may use a built-in tool that these online services offer you to make it look better. And for a more official process, you can have the survey look as if it was position on your website by inserting a tag on your page.

Step 3: Analyze

With so much information coming back at you, you’ll be able to compare the strategies you have been building to your clients’ base reaction. That will enable you to act upon it, before you go into action and adjust it so that your potential customers become real ones. The analysis of all answers should give you a great overview of what your market is, how to attack it and get results. There is no easier and faster way to do so today than through an online survey.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels